On the ride home, they broke the news to her.

All Rights Reserved. I don’t go out for a night and she’s very introverted.

He laughs as he recounts the night: “I was the one invited but more people were going up and taking pictures with her than they were with me.”. ...at @jakodeleon & @gillee_bean wedding! Date night ✨ . It was something that was going to happen in person,” Dasovich explains, adding that he didn’t want to interfere with her hectic schedule. “And for some reason it was kinda easy sharing my story to Wil.

On Dasovich’s vlogs, at times Gosiengfiao is seen in the background editing in his home. Trying to figure out if someone has mutual feelings for you can be a puzzle for many, especially in the age of social media and online dating. But for this influencer couple, it was clear from the start through one seemingly simple action: instant messaging. But what made people freak out was the fact that Zac Efron took the photo.

“It’s just like everything we talked about we just agreed one hundred percent on and we were just at the same wavelength and from there, there was definitely a spark.”. “For me it was like love at first conversation,” says Dasovich, then adds, “I don’t believe in love at first sight—maybe it was love at first sight because she’s so beautiful.”. “She talked to me about cosplaying and gaming which I didn’t know anything about and I was fascinated by it,” he says. When you're trying to do a serious remote beach photo shoot but boyfie wants to be in it too... Video version of this on @wil_dasovich's latest post #bali #beach, A post shared by Alodia Gosiengfiao (@alodia) on Jun 1, 2019 at 5:14am PDT, Alodia then said: “It’s give and take.” Then, he added: “and sharing the experience together.”.
“I sleep on the plane na lang (instead) just as long as I could get back to you,” she says while looking at Dasovich. Yeah, slowly but surely.”. Before the heartbreaking news, she had invited him to a gaming event in Germany.

Congratulations! While fans seem to think that they have already seen the goofiest versions of the two online personalities  (collectively known as WiLodia) in their sweet moments together on-cam, the couple revealed they are "more goofy" behind-the-scenes. “I don’t talk much,” admits Gosiengfiao, who even if she says is shy, is accommodating in person. Zac Efron’s brother makes us believe in love (and Speedos) again They had their first proper introduction in a Manila airport before going to Malaysia for the event, but clarify that fans have proven that they met previously, only for a brief handshake at another event. Dasovich works on his travel vlogs and branded content nonstop, while Gosiengfiao is a professional cosplayer, gamer and runs gaming company Tier One.

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