Returns: On special promotional offers (including but not limited to 3-for-2 deals), all purchased items must be returned, unopened and in good condition for a full refund (minus shipping). The sealer takes only 1 hour to dry and can be recoated within 4 hours. D-U-N-S No.

This is the final result after using the black spot remover and wet look sealant on a 10 year old patio. Pulham P302+350: IF ON SKIN: Gently wash with plenty of soap and water. We used paintbrushes and sealed our new 30m2 Indian sandstone patio with 2 coats. P264: Wash skin thoroughly after handling. Privacy Policy and Thus, a single container can be used to seal your entire sidewalk and patio.

In 2020, Concrete Sealer Review continues to remain your number one source for concrete and brick paver sealer professional tips and advice.

Our versatile sealers are quick, easy and safe to apply as well as cost-effective. © Copyright 2018 -, Best Wet Look Concrete Sealer Reviews 2020, Top 3 Best Wet Look Concrete Sealer Reviews 2020, Foundation Armor AR350 Wet Look Concrete Sealer, KILZ L390201 Interior/Exterior Wet Look Concrete Sealer, Top 2 RustOleum Wet Look Concrete Sealer reviews. Related: High Gloss Concrete Sealer Reviews. No wonder so many customers agree it’s the best wet look patio sealer on the market today.

Keeping your patio in prime condition will call for a degree of maintenance. Bring back the colour to your fading patio with Weather Shield's Wet-Look Sealer. When dry the patio looked dull, but now it glistens in the sun and the colours are so much more vibrant. Wet look concrete sealers are usually solvent-based acrylic resin sealers, water-based acrylic resin sealers, and epoxies. If you want to give a wet look to your concrete sealer, look no further than the EnduraSeal acrylic sealer. This will form a protective seal on the stone, boosting its colour and providing an aesthetically pleasing finish. Simple cleaning is all that will be required, with re-application of sealer not needed for several years.

Using the wrong formula on your patio could cause more harm than good. All our sealers can be applied easily with either a roller, sprayer or sponge.

Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Apply Patio Sealant WET LOOK FINISH sparingly with a sponge, paint pad, brush or sprayer (. This sealant is amazing! A less porous stone, such as slate or granite, may benefit from a topical sealer. (0) Each stone type will have its unique characteristics, and it is important to treat the stone accordingly. Foundation Armor AR350 sealer is a solvent-based acrylic sealer that will provide your concrete with a satin wet look after being applied. Choose the one that meets your needs. Key Features of the Best Stone Sealers The molecular structure of the best stone sealer must be small, which will allow it to penetrate deep enough into the stone and create a bond.

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This product is not recommended for non-porous surfaces. A Product Feedback Submission about Black spot remover and wet look sealer. But the best thing to do is to get a sealer that meets your needs and demands no matter the cost. When correctly applied, it can protect the concrete from oil, grease, water, soot, dirt, and prevents the growth of mold. The surface should be properly cleaned before sealing for outstanding results and longevity.

Natural stone, concrete and brick pavers will all need sealing for protection. It provides a hard-wearing finish that will intensify the colour of your stone.

These are: All stone sealer – Colour boost – This will enhance the appearance of the patio and leave it looking richer.

Our driveway and surrounding paths are vast so we’ve done it in stages. A protective sealer will prevent the colour of your patio suffering fading from sunlight. 211204075. This will vary depending on the surface type, condition and location. So, they contain substantial color enhancement that gives the concrete the high-gloss wet look. So easy to apply too.Really pleased with the finished result! Patio Perfect offer three main types of patio sealer, all of which are solvent-free and eco-friendly.

It is then easy to apply a new coat and enhance that protection.

Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do.

Secure transactions via your preferred payment method: This is our advanced water-based wet look patio sealer, leaving a fantastic WET LOOK FINISH. Feel free to contact our team of friendly professionals for further information. When choosing a wet look concrete sealer, it ensures that it is breathable, offers protection, durable, and non-scratch. This means your surface will be shining all year round.

Please select all the ways you would like to hear from us. Application range: 5°c – 20°c. Unwatch.

Normally, Urethanes and epoxies are costlier than acrylic-resin sealers and chemically reactive penetrating sealers.

All stone sealer – Satin finish – This professional, quick-drying solution forms a stunning satin gloss finish on your surface and is often described as a wet look patio sealer. This sealer leaves a high solid and protective coating on the surface that not only seals but as well waterproofs.

It is made up of a non-yellowing acrylic-based formula that enhances the surface where it is applied. It is perfect for use on all types of paving, patios and pathways. P233: Keep container tightly closed.

The three sealers that we’ve talked about offering exceptional features and will essentially change the look of your concrete surface. Continue rinsing. A porous stone such as sandstone will require an impregnating sealer. Applying a good patio sealer such as ours will provide many benefits.

DT2 7DX Definitely recommend! Q.

Brought out the natural colours of the stone. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

922 678 112. Two coats are required, with the second to be applied before the first has fully dried.

How will a wet look concrete sealer make my surface look? The sealer will always deliver more noticeable results on darker or colour infused stones, so if you are unsure, we would recommend you try a tester bottle first to see how the finish works on your patio area. A sealer will also protect the pointing from the harshness of UK weather. P305+351+338: IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Both of these products are absolutely brilliant at what they’re made for I’ve cleaned all the black spots away and the sealer has done a great job would recommend both of these items and the price was good too. Used this seal on my patio as it was dull.Worked a treat!

Contact Form Results may vary when applying WET LOOK FINISH, depending on the colour, texture and condition of your natural stone. You have entered an incorrect email address!
But what you prefer may be different from what your neighbor loves. Apply undiluted, coverage up to 20m2/L per coat. My Account

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