To have such a double-standard shows where the priorities of the American government are. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Use our samples but remember about PLAGIARISM!

First, many adolescents engage in alcoholism and use of substances way before they attain the legal age. The average legal drinking age throughout the world is 15.9, according to research at Postdam College (Minimum, 2013). They have been widely used for their medicinal, antiseptic, and analgesic properties. Analytical Thesis Statement: “ Underage drinking is a huge problem around the world; to be exact, a problem without any answer. mr. andrews

They think teenagers are not mature enough to handle the responsibility and consequences of drinking alcohol. Free essay sample on the given topic "Teamwork And Collaboration In Nursing". However, when the amount of capital it has is threatened by the fact that there may be car accidents due to drinking and driving, a policy is created to stop the outflow of cash. These numbers were very high for women. Your email address will not be published. What it boils down to is the level of responsibility that is demanded of someone who is wielding an automatic rifle, for example. Furthermore, if a high number of vehicle accidents is to be used as an excuse about why people under 21 should not be allowed to drink, then those who support that claim may not be considering the increased efficiency of transit. If they lowered the minimum drinking age in the United States, there will be greater amounts of alcohol for kids that are under the age of 18. Take a look at the war in Iraq, for example, which the public does not know for certain why it was started (Hanson, 2013). Andrea C. Nakaya. Having MLDA should not be a factor of controlling alcoholism but rather consequences of indulging in harmful activities after such inducement should be the issue. Alcohol is harmful to the development of younger people. He lived in a time when there was no minimum, StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. Use our samples but remember about PLAGIARISM! “Alcohol-control policies are always controversial, as many people are generally in opposition to laws which seem to govern individual choices and behavior,” noted Carla Main. Use our samples but remember about PLAGIARISM! Supporters of the lower drinking age argue that when the drinking age is set at twenty-one, there is an unavoidably huge increase in alcohol use when youths, turning twenty-one, “make up for lost time.” However, a study done by Alexander Wagenaar and PM O’Malley found that when the minimum drinking age was twenty-one, there was a lower use of alcohol after they turn twenty-one. It can shorten your life expectancy and cause serious heart problems. Written by academic experts with 10 years of experience. The most important reason to keep the legal drinking age at twenty-one is because of the effects it has on the health of the user. After some review it was [...], When adolescents begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol many parents believe their children are just going through a rebellious stage, but that is not always the case (11 Reasons Why Teenagers Experiment with Drugs, 2016). Legality in liquor drinks consumption serves to guard the interests of the people and the country at large. “Alcohol should be forbidden to 18- to 20-year-olds precisely because they have a propensity to binge drink whether the stuff is illegal or not, especially males.” They have tendencies to think its “cool” and don’t know the harm that will follow. The aforementioned argument claims that the government is most interested in protecting the safety of the American public. We need you to be detailed.

Drinking Age Thesis Statement Lowering Drinking Age : A Crucial Decision? Therefore, underage drinking, should not be allowed in any country because of the immense number of health and safety concerns associated with it. The brain is still forming at this time, so therefore when the brain is exposed to the chemicals that the alcohol contains. A girl was downtown the other week in Columbia and was murdered. These reasons, among many others, are why the legal drinking age should stay at 21. If someone were to binge drink the drinker has a very good chance of getting alcohol poisoning, which could lead to the death of that person or serious injury. In 1999, New Zealand lowered its drinking age from 20 to 18. There are many reasons why adolescents begin experimenting with drugs and it may lead to a serious addiction. Most of the time, the young are looked down on for messing up in life, yet the reality is that anyone can screw up, it just is more likely to happen to someone who has less experience, Drinking Age of the Military: Should it be Lowered Legality of drinking and purchase of alcoholic beverages has been a controversial topic in many nations. For homicide, females are victimized by acquaintances in 92% of the cases. others have the MLDA at 18 years to as high as 25 years. America should take note of what other countries are doing in order to decide where to set the legal drinking age in the United States. Alcoholic beverage, Young adult, Rum-running 907  Words | “In 1984, Congress passed the Uniform Drinking Age Act, which required states to have a minimum drinking age of 21, for all types of alcohol consumption if they wanted to receive federal highway monies. Following the lead of what many other countries are doing in the world is something America is not used to, but it could work to the nation’s advantage in making an educated reformation to the current laws about the legal drinking age. Drinking can be fun, but when you start drinking every weekend your health starts going bad. Anyone who is tasked with that responsibility is being trusted with the most cherished components of humanity, human life (Karg, n.d.).

Moreover, drinking alcohol often involve use of other illegal substances and drugs such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana and others that affect brain functionality. Illegal Drinking Age Should not be lowered from 21 to 18 Thesis Statement This research will focus on the need of lowering the drinking age to 18, because drinking has always been viewed as a "forbidden fruit” as well as a "symbol of rising against authority" but at the age of 21 one is considered an adult and must be given all the adult privileges along with the right to drink.

Exposing alcohol to underage teens, increases their risk of becoming an alcoholic in their adult years. The rate of traffic crashes and injuries for 18-19-year-old males increased by 12 percent and increased 14 percent, for males aged 15-17. Alcohol will not benefit society and increase the potential of the younger generations. Premium According to Carla Main, “on average 1,100 a year die from alcohol-related traffic crashes and another 300 die in non-traffic alcohol-related deaths. This could contribute to alcohol-fueled domestic violence. Click here to sign up and get “FREE Thesis Topic along with 250 words brief” within 3-5 business days and set the trigger off to your thesis writing!!! Due to naivety at a tender age, consumption of such drinks would adversely lead to engagement in other criminal activities resulting from alcohol influence. Although it would be unrealistic to think teenagers won’t experiment at younger ages, we as a society and our government cannot endorse adolescents’ use of alcohol. sentence --condensation of your paper’s primary claim (or argument). Adolescents’ cognitive and physical development must be protected. Also, drunk driving among youth in Europe is lower, but only because the legal driving age in most European countries is higher. LOWER THE LEGAL DRINKING AGE ESSAY SAMPLE, Why the drinking age should be lowered: An opinion based upon research, Minimum legal drinking ages around the world, 5 Top Qualities of a Legit Writing Service. This girl was above the age of 21, but her mind was still blurred. There may be nothing we can do about alcohol becoming engrained in youth societal activities, but the least we can do is encourage responsible use. A. Now a days, the legal age for someone to buy or consume alcoholic So the argument that the American government designs its policies with the protection of the American people always in mind is flawed. Cambridge, ma harvard university press, r. Scott, h. S. C. Biogeographical concepts. This has led to different countries having a minimum legal drinking age (MLDA). Unfortunately, the setting of MLDA has not reduced the consumption of … For females, the effect was even greater as rates grew 51 percent for 18-19-year old and 24 percent for 15-17-year-old. 21 Apr. Adolescence, Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism, Binge Drinking, Health, Lowering The Drinking Age, Social Issues, Alcohol, Alcohol Abuse, Driving Under The Influence, Health, Substance Abuse, Addiction, Alcohol, Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism, Health, Social Issues, Substance Abuse, Abuse, Addiction, Adolescence, Alcohol, Clinical Psychology, Health, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Adolescence, Alcohol Abuse, Bullying, Medicine, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Suicide. Use our samples but remember about PLAGIARISM! Our editors will help you fix any mistakes and get an A+! Use our samples but remember about PLAGIARISM! Premium Minimum Legal Drinking Age laws save approximately 800-900 lives each year. Additionally, supporters of the lower age also commonly compare the U.S. to Europe because they have lower drinking ages. That extra information that is being shared with students has gone a long way to ensuring there are not as many vehicle accidents from drunk driving. Moreover, writing underage drinking thesis is also a good way to bring awareness across the underage community about the hazards of illegal drinking. The mission in this case is to ensure that the teenagers are not killing themselves, or each other. 2013. This was linked to the fact that there were many vehicle accidents occurring among the young adult and teenage population in connection with drinking and driving, (Most, 2013). Purpose: To persuade students to change their feelings about the current drinking age and the benefits of changing it to eighteen. personal statement conclusion help; an essay in third person; american history dbq essay; 24 hour fitness resume; rating for movies; how to write bibliography of a project

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