Another societal inaccuracy in the movie was how they changed the dialogue to be more entertaining. Hire a Professional to Get Your 100% Plagiarism Free Paper. When they arrive, they are met with open arms. Works Cited Fischer, Hackett. Furthermore, they were marching away when the British attacked. Overall, I think The Patriot is a decent historical novel. “Massachusetts and Virginia are at war. The beginning of the movie starts out with Benjamin, When asked to watch a history movie and write a research paper about it, I was nervous. While the movie does show one officer, who is a native South Carolinian, the state was known to be fairly split between rebels and loyalists. Their progress were effective however, later in the story Martin’s another son named Gabriel became victim to the same colonel that killed his oldest son Thomas. General Cornwallis was real, but there was no historical evidence of Colonel Tavington or anyone that acted as he did in the movie. The films ideology was nothing unique however and most movies at the time represented these themes as well. (, I also figured geographical error in the movie, in the scene in which Benjamin and his two of the younger sons were running and passing through the woods to interrupt the British who captured their older brother. To be more descriptive, based on my research I found that Cornwallis was born in London on December 31, 1738 and according to that year he would be six years younger than George Washington. Therefore, I would say that all of these things did not appear or they changed it just to make Benjamin Martin good character in the movie regard less of reality. While the primary purpose of the movie is to entertain, it does mostly follow historical events of the early years of the Revolutionary War. which would hold been common during the period. Lisa Brenner: Anne Howard Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? the film was non accurate in how it depicted bondage in South Carolina. Free resources to assist you with your university studies! Transfer data you have found out onto word document into your own words, for you to understand. This all sounds exceedingly similar to Benjamin who did the same things and whose nick was the Ghost because he attacked British troops and disappeared and was never seen. Rachel Marsh, the main character is a 13 year old girl who is an indentured servant to John and Abigail Adams. Essay, 4 pages. our expert writers, Hi, my name is Jenn The flag shown is the Betty Ross flag with 13 stars in a circle. Production Date- June 28th 2000 I. Title- The Patriot During a 1775 town hall meeting. Another social inaccuracy in the film was how they changed the duologue to be more entertaining. He is reluctant to join the fight against the British until Colonel William Tavington (Lt. But as you can see it is more inaccurate than it is accurate. Yes the film’s setting is in the past, yes the film is about the. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of However, as soon the battle ground reaches his front yard and consequently enough his fifteen years old son named Thomas is killed by Colonel Tavington who was the main opponent. He was more concerned about his two eldest sons who wanted to fight under General George Washington. who leads a local reserves against British military personnels in the South during the beginning of the American Revolutionary War. Nevertheless, the film did not portray British soldiers, the way people saluted one another and the protagonist Benjamin Martin accurately. Reference this. Because the American colonists have received a lot of Advantages from Britain. (sbroome), In the movie, Lord Cornwallis is portrayed as very old man, which is incorrect because during the time frame of this movie in 1780, General Charles Lord Cornwallis was in his forties. Copyright © 2003 - 2020 - UKEssays is a trading name of All Answers Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales. Movies are made to be sold and not history to be perfectly told. These added to the action on the screen, but Lieutenant NameShrapnel would not invent exploding cannon balls until date (citation). Though the film … Also in this battle Tavington and Martin seems fighting where Martin first attack Tavington with a pointing tool on the end of the musket.

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