We had a custom seat hand-made by James Renazco in Santa Rosa, California, from high grade suede and carbon vinyl with red accent stitching. IMPORTANT Please make sure to read this setup guide prior to riding your new Sur-Ron, 1330 E Franklin Ave. The Sur Ron has great suspension for its type although it pales in comparison to suspension found on gas-powered dirt bikes. My wife and kids who can’t use a clutch can ride it. Pedal system: X Bikes with the pedal system pre-installed do not use O-ring chains, they have standard 420 moto chain instead. Expensive custom cut stickers where we needed them. Bikes Sur Ron Storm (MX) Rated 0 out of 5. What do you get when you cross an electric mountain bike with the Terminator? NEW: The Sur-Ron LB X RS Black Limited Edition. My wide is 5’10” and loves it too. We took the baddest ass rear tail lights we could find and then cut a custom CNC mount with our in-house machines. If this is your first visit, be sure to All rights reserved. Those that have had issues praise the service which is why I felt OK taking a chance with Luna. Negatives (all very minor but I want to be balanced in this review) 1. The sudden acceleration resulting from the motor’s strong torque may be prone to popping unintended wheelies, therefore increasing the chances of accidents (or unintended bursts of laughter depending on your riding ability). The Sur Ron is a solid, reliable, cool looking bike with decades worth of engineering behind it and a great reputation among buyers, reviewers, and even sports competitors. That’s not bad, it’s just new.“, “Took the Sur Ron up some technical hill climbs. Sur Ron Storm (Youth) Rated 0 out of 5 £ 2,995.00. WE SHIP BIKES TO USA AND CANADA ONLY. Belt Drive: It is highly recommended to order this in conjunction with the supermoto option for good torque and proper speedo measurements. Ludicrous . Mix that with custom built high performance parts and a casted frame and you can see a lot of thought went into this bike. Overall this bike is impressive, I only used around 30% of the battery on this whole ride. 11. Sporting a DNM Volcano front suspension with RST oil+spring dampening and a Fast Ace 8-inch travel inclined rear suspension, the Sur Ron X can handle big jumps and rough roads with ease making it a solid choice for both off-road and city rides. Their customer service has been fantastic throughout the entire purchase of the bike and even better for any of my follow-up questions. 15. The Sur-Ron has a gigantic 60v 32ah pack which is 2000 watt hours. Formed using a large 6000 ton press, the aluminum used on this bike’s frame is several times stronger and lighter than ordinary aluminum. Aside from the insane amount of power that this ebike delivers, the main advantage of owning a Sur Ron is leveraging the industry’s most cutting edge technology. I am not qualified to talk about e-tech (plenty good info out there) so this review is for those readers who are just trying to decide to go electric (or not). It has a 40” height, with 10.6” of ground clearance. Every detail of this bike is thought out and no expense is spared when needed to make a reliable high performance off road machine. Front Suspension is a either RST Killah or DNM Volcano both with 8 inches of suspension. 4. Considered fuel injection but few ICEs offer this. 10. This bike is easy to customize and upgrade, the performance upgrades are limitless from the battery to the controller. 6. The bike is awesome, Luna has fantastic support both before purchase and after. With a super light aluminum frame weighing only 7.8 kg, it’s hard to think that a bike like this can withstand the stress that comes with regular use. 9. Listed here are all the items we can give dates that Luna will be restocking soon.For now on I will personally answer all your restocking questions on this post in the electricbike.com forum the best I … It has one of the best constructed battery packs ever offered in a small EV. The bike doesn’t get hot, and there’s little to no maintenance with the electric motor. Obviously louder than a pedal bike but compared to gas its practically immaterial with the little extra noise vs a pedal bike. Over the past 2 years, we have built a successful following of one of the most ground-breaking eBike products on the market, the Sur Ron. Fast 3 hour charging with included high quality 10 amp 600 watt charger. Today we’re reviewing the Sur Ron X, an electric dirt bike with a top speed of 48mph, an advertised range of 40 miles, full suspension and 19” dirt wheels. You can also adjust the preload and rebound, and the stock suspension is surprisingly good and handled everything we put it through. UPDATE Sept 25th: We are now In-Stock and shipping this week! This is the original Sur Ron...hot rodded to the gills by Luna ... we present you a special edition hot rod Sur Ron...only 20 of these will be offered to existing Luna bike customers and Luna VIPs only. I am 5’5″ and about 25 lbs overweight at 165lbs. If the shipping address you used is a residential one then the delivery date that is shown on the tracking system is likely not the day that they will deliver it to. The Sur Ron X Black Edition’s motor features 5200W (7 bhp) of power and therefore the energy demand on the battery is lowered making the motor run cooler and more energy-efficient. With its highly sophisticated styling, top of the line parts and performance, the “Light Bee” is easily one of the best performing, most recognizable headturners in the E-bike industry and was awarded the German Red Dot Award in 2018. Brake lights function upon brake actuation, and turn signals are controlled by an all-new bar-mounted switch setup. Other than the above items the X bike is the same as the standard Sur Ron with the added above features. On the left hand side of the handlebar is the digital display, which will display your speed in the middle, and the trip odometer in the bottom right, which you can reset with the small button. The click sound frequency would make me want to insure that the drive chain is not hanging up on front sprocket bolts somehow... All times are GMT-8. This page was generated at 1 minute ago. Its narrow and light structure gives it the tendency to oversteer during quick turns giving it a twitchy feeling. 80amps of power. The best place you can get the Sur Ron is from Luna Cycle. This enables the battery to maintain a large capacity of energy while also being highly efficient and safe. But when you buy it new, there is some assembly required. The Sur Ron X is a highly engineered monster electric dirt bike capable of reaching performance levels dwarfing that of even gas-powered dirt bikes. Its strong motor coupled with its lightweight build enables it to easily scale inclines that other electric dirt bikes struggle with. Guys needless to say I’m very disappointed the bike is now 4 days old and the clicking just keeps getting worse I opened a trouble ticket and they keep saying it’s the belt bedding to contact them after 100 miles this bike will b lucky to make it 30 miles let lone 100miles there are a lot of treads on here with the same issue and this is disappointing from a bike that is so hyped up to getting it and now I don’t even wanna ride it because I’m scared it’s gonna brake down I’m gonna post a video for y’all and c if anyone on here can help me since they wanna say it’s the belt and help would b greatly appreciated. Best is to call them a day ahead of that date! We don’t have much mud in Colorado so I have not had fender concerns but that could be an issue for wetter climates. Other places to buy include AliExpress, and if you’re from the UK, visit the Surron website at https://surron.co.uk/, or at https://ridesurron.com/buy/. We always wanted a functioning brake light with turn signals, so we made it happen. I easily kept up with the gas bikes at the dirt track (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9rW0NkS8LY) 14. The SRX (as I’ve coined it) lets me sit on the seat for slow traversing or stand on the pegs for steep or tricky twists with full confidence and more speed and power than I ever need. Perfect for me.2. We also recommend right away upgrading to the Shimano Saint brake pads. See the bike in action through these precompiled videos: Want to see the bike up close and personal? On the dirt track I rode for 1hour 59 mins. These forks are similar in quality and cost and it may change depending on stock levels at the Sur-Ron factory. In fact, the. MSRP: $5,800.00 $4,900.00 From Our Blog. It might be a good idea to clarify where the black edition fits in the Sur Ron line. Sur Ron X (Black Edition) Tech Specifications, Sur Ron X Choice Commentaries from the Luna Cycle Webpage, Sur Ron X Choice Commentaries from Other Reviews. We pinstriped the entire bike by hand at Luna...no pinstripe stickers. These Bikes are selling out fast and we have been on time so far through the virus with our projected delivery dates. The bike doesn’t just look aggressive, it is aggressive. Are there cheap electrics out there? Also we will support the product from here in the USA getting you any warranty replacement parts you might need shipped direct from California. While the Sur Ron doesn’t have an app or bluetooth connectivity, it does come with an included dongle that hooks up between the bike harness and the battery in order to program the re-gen levels. About that time my brother-in-law sent a link to Luna/Sur-ron. Upgrade to an Installed Fisher Fab House Light, Upgrade to a Gates Belt Drive (Not Compatible with Pedal System), DVO Onyx DC with 8" Travel (Stealth Black) $995.00, Fisher Fab House Ultra 3200 lumen LED Light $249.00, Installed 48T Sprocket Pedal System $200.00. Several people have bought and tried the Sur Ron X so far, and have left comments on the bike’s ups and downs. After we sell these 20 bikes they are, BBSHD Ludicrous Steel Gear (Nylon Gear Replacement), Luna Ludicrous Fusion Full S Fat (with 50 amp BBSHD), Luna Cycle custom belt drive with gates carbon belt, Extra set of stock dirt wheel/tires (fully built), Custom rear light with brake light and turn signals, Custom front Stainless Steel race number plate. This is a limited edition. The structure of the bike resembles a mountain bike-dirt bike mix with the handlebars and front fork belonging to that of a mountain bike and the rest is that of a dirt bike. Sur Ron and Luna have secretly been working on developing this product for the North America market and Luna is the exclusive North American Dealer for this product. Front Suspension is a either RST Killah or … Though the system takes some practice to use, as the throttle switches between gas and brake, it’s still a nice touch despite its unrefined nature. Overall changing the wheels is 15 minute swap…30 minute swap if you are a girl (just kidding). 2. the webpage says this bike can go over 40 miles per full charge, but my experience tells me it can go ~65 miles if i use EP mode (equivalent to eco mode for other ebikes), which is the perfect mode for commuters, sport mode is useless for me, so is the brake-regen feature in sports mode. A 10A cast aluminum encased battery charger is also paired with this battery. However, the tail light stays illuminated and does not light up when you brake. The Sur Ron — also colloquially called “Light Bee” — features a light but massive 2000 watt-hour 60v 32ah removable battery consisting of high ratio Panasonic PF battery cells, a host computer management process and data interface, high power battery management system, state-of-charge battery statistics and four real-time temperature sensors all contained within a hard case that slides into the “engine compartment” of the bike. Typically, a dirt bike range is measured in the number of hours they can be ridden off-road. The torque and speed is more than I could ever need for cross country riding. Charging is only 3 hours from 10% to 100% 12. Starting with the spiked off road tires, impact-resistant spoked wheels, DNM Volcano front suspension with RST oil+spring dampening and Fast Ace 8-inch travel rear suspension to soften impacts and maximize off road versatility. Once you own this bike you automatically become a Luna VIP, which will include a special email address contact only provided to VIPs for your needs and requests.

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