They are directly descended from the royal line of kings. The other is Swedish, with all great-grandparents from Sweden. DNA Testing, What Do My Origin Percentages Mean? While the only true way to really know where your Scandinavian came from is to build a family tree using DNA as your guide, I do have some ideas for you that might help point you in the right direction. US voters deliver verdict after bitter race, .css-gw44ni-IconContainer{display:inline-block;height:1em;width:1em;vertical-align:-0.125em;margin-right:0.25em;}playWell, that was wild. Required fields are marked *. With maximum individual tax rate of around 60 percent in Finland and Sweden, and around 45 percent in the rest of Scandinavia, private income is channelled back into the state, which in turn delivers free education to a PhD level, free childcare, free healthcare and free aged care to all citizens. What does exist is the grouping of individuals who share specific genetic traits, however, these traits are not limited to man-made borders or modern-day nation-states. VideoBushfire koalas going back to the wild, Three elders reveal what it takes to be a leader. Even the southern tip of Denmark sees long, heavy winters, with only half-an-hour of sunlight in December, on average. I was so shocked. According to this article on the history of Viking society from the University of Oslo: I am assuming that most people reading this article live in the United States, and are curious to know how Scandinavian DNA might have ended up in their DNA results. Eighty percent of the population of Iceland thinks elves might exist and public roads are routed around their sacred spaces. The Viking Age altered the political, cultural and demographic map of Europe in ways that are still evident today in place names, surnames and modern genetics. But it is interesting to see how a person who has all great-grandparents from the same area of Norway or Sweden could have diverse, non-Scandinavian results. However my Mother has 26% Scandinavian DNA and I have inherited 19% from her. But my results Came up 42.2% british 32.1% Scandinavian 19.5% irish, scottish and welsh 6.0% Italian. They exported ideas, technologies, language, beliefs and practices and developed new socio-political structures. The genetic legacy in the UK has left the population with up to six percent Viking DNA. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. ", Assistant Professor Fernando Racimo, also a lead author based at the GeoGenetics Centre in the University of Copenhagen, stressed how valuable the dataset is for the study of the complex traits and natural selection in the past. For 1099 cMs, it gives a 98% probability of a half-niece for that number. DNA testing can lead us to learn a bit about genetics, geography, and history in the context of our roots. If you use the following sponsored link, you can get a two-week free trial on Ancestry – perfect for adding records and documents to your tree:  Ancestry Free Trial. Many people with British ancestry see Scandinavian ancestry in their DNA origin results. Sean Connery: Harrison Ford pays tribute to 'dear friend', Ryan Giggs denies assault allegations after arrest, Twitter hides Trump mail voting tweet ahead of polling day, US election 2020: Trump and Biden pictured through the years, Police in Pakistan recover teen girl after alleged forced conversion and marriage, T-cell response 'lasts six months after Covid infection'. I hope that this information helps you, Mercedes. Helsinki was named in the World Design Capital in 2012 and Norway managed to make even their passports look beautiful. When we were in Norway, on a tour we were told that the Vikings had brought back women from their trips to North America. As you can see, even individuals with deep British pedigrees often have some Scandinavian and Central European ancestry. Well, that was wild. Video. Coincidentally, most people in Sweden look like models. You can read this post to learn more about centimorgans and using them to determine a relationship: The idea that geographical location and genetics plays a huge role in how personality develops. However, if you consider that in certain communities, there was a very high amount of Scandinavian DNA to begin with, it doesn’t seem so strange that there are still many people with DNA from this region that originated with the Vikings. Three years in three minutes, In pictures: Trump and Biden through the years. The changes are discussed in Revised Ethnic Origins at FamilyTreeDNA. Many Vikings have high levels of non-Scandinavian ancestry, both within and outside Scandinavia, which suggest ongoing gene flow across Europe.". Recently I received the DNA results for two family members who are Scandinavian. When some people see the Scandinavian DNA ethnicity in their test results, they are concerned. AncestryDNA? I may look further into this. 8 Drinking Games To Level-Up Your Next Zoom Party, Culture containerEl: '#fd-form-5f3ee2bd9cf975002baa0cb2' It’s possible that the several generations back all coincidentally inherited more Scandinavian ethnicity and less of the other available ones (obviously with the limitation of each person only getting 50% of each parents’ DNA). If you like lovely scenery, you’re probably a Scandi at heart. Hi, nice article, thanks. Americans head to polls to choose their president, with nearly 100 million early votes already cast. The Norwegian individual had no component from this area. Recently I received the DNA results for two family members who are Scandinavian. Many have taken them not as much to connect with DNA relatives but to find out their ethnic origins. Hopefully we have some fun in the process, too! If you are of European or Asian heritage, then around 2% of your genome originated from Neanderthals. This article showing the genetic Scandinavian ancestry distribution across Great Britain and Ireland (specifically the average percent predicted Scandinavian), which peaks around the East Midlands at 13.5%. Any ethnicity results now are expected to change as the science improves. Maybe. Those Viking ancestors of mine must have traveled all the way down to Africa. My mother and father are British (supposedly he’s my real father) My mothers family are all from Wales at least her mother is half and my grandfather and great grandfather is. Read more on the story here:, Got Scandinavian? Congratulations on learning so much about your ancestry. perhaps about 10% of the population were slaves. If you believe that your Scandinavian ancestry is more recent, like from the 1600 or 1700s, for example, there is a good chance that you might be able to find documentation of how it came into your family line. Your opinions are important to us. Recent research from Oxford University shows a wide range of genetic influences throughout the British Isles, hinting at a long history of invasions and settlement by groups from across the European continent throughout history. Areas with highest Scandinavian Ethnicity match up with the former Danelaw region. Sweden Is Getting A Floating Hotel That... Denmark's Real-Life Lego House Has Opened To... Norway’s Newest Glampsite Is Out Of This World Amazing, 5 Ways To Make Friends When You’re Travelling Solo, 18 Fairytale Destinations You Can Visit IRL, View all articles in {{menu.readMoreCategory}}, cried beautiful yet manly tears of joy at the wedding, Macca’s Is Slinging 50c Cheeseburgers This Sunday, So That’s Lunch And Dinner Sorted, Attention Kmart Fans: These Are All The Melbourne Stores Currently Taking Bookings, Tasmania Has Officially Re-Opened To Most Of Australia, So Time To Book A Trip, 8 Drinking Games To Level-Up Your Next Zoom Party, All The Terrifying Stuff That Happens In The World’s Scariest Haunted House. "The people of this region are a real genetic cocktail," says Donnelly. Like the rest of Scandinavia, small, remote populations and a strong focus on community cohesion means they collect friends in kindergarten and stick with them for life, which makes it hard for foreigners to bust in. S. Hi! Your email address will not be published. This might be the place for you. The boulders strewn across the Norwegian tundra are said to be trolls, turned to stone in the sunlight. It seems we're on the same page. My dna test showed up 33% scandinavian dna with no known scandinavians in our family, which is english mainly and irish. Video, Well, that was wild. I get that there was a migration, but how does 55% from 1600-1700s travel down to me when all I find are people born in the Netherlands back 8+ generations?

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