With her deep orange paint, white fenders and rack, and a flower bedecked front basket, she is every inch a lady. My name is Lee. I don’t have a car and I hurt my hip last fall and am getting very tired of I’ve sometimes referred to my touring bike as Ugly Bob, but since it’s currently getting S&S couplers and a new paint job I guess I’ll have to call it something else. 75 years of bicycling "know-how" went into this bike, and once you ride it, you'll know it, because only a Schwinn rides so well. It was politely exotic and pretty much shot. 49 lbs. I should receive my bike tomorrow (Friday) We had to order it from out of town to get James R. Pearl – Cyclepro Mixte. Schwinn brings back a classic and here is what they look like in red: 2019 Red Stingray And Blue: 2019 Blue Stingray The 2020 Grape Krate. sprocket, rear caliper brake and large aluminum front drum brake for extra stopping power. Trek Chelsea District: Lady Bike Going to add it to the list! Lorelei the Puch Princess mixte: A friend suggested Dora when I got her, but on one of our first rides, struck by how smooth and silent she is, a couple of lines from a song that I was really into at the time popped into my head (http://www.songlyrics.com/luka-bloom/i-hear-her-like-lorelei-lyrics/) and that was that. Steve Bauer Sirocco – Steve That is how I found this page. Due to their enourmous success, more models were introduced and some amazing accessories were added every year. Solid Schwinn engineering at its best and with you in mind. “Taxman Craig” (or simply “Craig”) – Shogun Ninja I bought off Craigslist the very day I received my tax return. Plus, the Netherlands is solid bikes from one end to the other, so it works. ‘nuf said! Bridget the Cross Check: The Cross Check is, to me, an odd mixture of old school and modern… sturdy but not without elegance… fun and always “up for it” yet loyal and reliable. Made in Westfield, MA. Well, it’s official, that I have too many bikes, most of which have names: Named after Amelia Earhart, she flies far and fast. Pig, short for Iron Pig, my Novara Randonnee. My commuter bike is officially Little Lord Fauntlero because when he was first built, he was pale blue with a lacy plastic basket on the back rack. Come n Annie! It is a cobalt blue Schwinn adult tricycle. I’m nor with het right now so all I can tell you is that she is a 500. I wish you and Sapphire many good miles together. sting-rays ever designed-the orange krate,lemon peeler,apple krate and pea picker drag racers fron schwinn. So named because I yelled “Whoa Nellie! Micheal Jordan. Quick explanations: Riley the custom Enigma: A name to honour the frame designer Mark Reilly but easier to spell. Paul W. says. Grab your shades and turn up that transistor radio – the Schwinn Orange Krate is back! Schwinn Krates were made between 1968 and 1973. Raleigh Clubman, “Hexxus” – matte blacked-out Specialized Enduro Comp. Entry a… Orange now has dealers in 26 countries worldwide. I think I made the right decision. Smart, sturdy, light purple, one eyed (headlight) so named after the Futurama character. Enjoy, and if you have a name to add please do so in the comments. Albert – Spec Fatboy, hah, cool post! Emily O’B, Audrey – Mixte named after Audrey Hepburn because she is a pretty little mixte that I ride to work or to the coffee shop/pub in my street attire/makeup. Ooh, just had to add.. my dad had a bike named Rosinante at one point. I have one bike named Bip after @roadchickie’s (merider) Uromatsyx lizard (story here: http://onespeedgo.blogspot.com/2010/05/burple-bike-gets-name-on-charles-m.html), while my commuter is named Yasuko after the lead singer for the Japanese noise band Melt-Banana.

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