Thankfully enough you will have our experience to lean on when we design your engine. SERVICES. They also produce exceptional seating and can whether all effects of changes in the combustion chamber. Whether carbureted or fuel injected, we have the engine for you! The Other 350’s: Oldsmobile by Marlan Davis, Car Craft – The Olds 350’s design specs offer ample performance potential. With this exclusive crate engine warranty, you get classic Eddies performance crate engine backed by a proven warranty for complete peace of mind. He really didn’t want a tremendous amount of horsepower as he has no intention of racing or driving particularly hard. 1103 Paso Robles Street Check out this polished fuel-injected beauty built for our customer Jim Theusch! Oldsmobile performance and racing engines are the most popular motors that go through our machine shop. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Stage Four and Stage Five engines require a high torque starter. Cam & Valvetrain. These cookies do not store any personal information. This is our basic procedure on engine blocks. Of all the engines we’ve built on HorsePower, this Olds 455 will always be a tribute to the engine building icon who helped us … The Connecting Rods - Connecting rods may be one of the most obscure parts when we build your chevy engine. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Using this high quality connecting rod bolt setup on your engine helps us ensure against any rod/cap failures. Gather everybody up at Red Hoagland’s to check out your new engine. Get Your Feet Off The Ground With One Of Our Oldsmobile Rockets! This engine sports aluminum heads, intake manifold and water pump. The Engine Block - When it comes to building an engine you always start with the main foundation - the block. Custom Built Engines. While more pressure tends to help the lubrication of your engine it is important to point out that too much pressure requires more engine power to create. We dont just build engines but also repair and replace parts. The carburetor and valve covers were all mounted, however, we thought Joe might appreciate a look at the manifold stuffer and rockers. If we are using stock rods or ones existing in your engine then magnafluxing is important. Horsepower Secrets by Chris Hemer, Musclecar Review – How to make a stock-looking engine run like the wind. These all have different characteristics that are considered when designing your engine. This is why Eddies offers our customers the option of having their crate engine built with our aluminum products in the traditional as-cast finish or with a show-quality polished finish. Walk-in’s welcome please call for appointment, Copyright © 2020. Eddies uses File Fit Plasma-moly rings are used to reduce friction and drag on the cylinder walls which produce the best horsepower and reliability. Today with the vast array of performance parts available we can turn your Oldsmobile from a mild 300 horse power grocery getter to a wild tire smoking 475 horse power animal. At Eddies we like the design and ranges used by Crane or Competition Cams. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. This engine sports Edelbrock Heads and Intake Manifold, which have been port-matched. Eddies will help you plan your engine for exactly the driving you intend to do. The Cylinder Heads - There is no single component on your engine that is more important than your cylinder heads. While these engine versions are very popular, they also have the most performance parts available for them which makes them easy to modify and get big horsepower gains. Oldsmobile 307 was produced from 1980-1990 and the 350 was produced from 1968 thru 1980. There are so many variables when choosing a camshaft that is perfect for your needs and a novice or inexperienced person could get lost at all the choices out there. Oldsmobile Engine Parts. We are known for our high quality,attention to detail and meeting our customers goals. The recipe for building a potent V8 oldsmobile performance engine for your car is a procedure that has been crafted through years of experience at Eddies Performance. Home . For the high power engines we produce, we use a hypereutectic piston that are skirt coated to reduce friction at the extreme high RPM's the bigger power engines put out. Choose one of the categories below to narrow down your search, or scroll through it all if you want to browse. Home . great people to deal with from start to finish ! Oldsmobile 307 was produced from 1980-1990 and the 350 was produced from 1968 thru 1980. Cam & Valvetrain. Testimonial . At Eddies we use hypereutectic pistons, which are cast aluminum pistons with a high silicon content. The Oiling System - As you may know there is much more to yoru engines oiling system than just the pan, pump and filter. The high silicon content of these pistons form as a temperature barrier which in turn retains more heat in the chamber and results in less thermal expansion over conventional alloy and stock cast pistons. This engine combination can be custom designed to your specific needs. Today with the vast array of performance parts available we can turn your Oldsmobile from a mild 300 horse power grocery getter to a wild tire smoking 475 horse power animal. 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora 3.5L Engine Valve Lifter L2319 -24. Site Map, Oldsmobile Performance and Racing Engines By Eddies. These cast steel crankshafts will be used as needed for maximum strength and reliability. Oldsmobile 455 Engine 450HP 500 lbs.

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