Krin Juangbhanich. With Sonny due out later this year with an initial launch on iPhone and iPad, we snuck into Krin’s secret lair to talk to him about what it’s been like working on the series, and what’s in store for fans next. Keep your eyes open for Sonny when it smashes onto iPhones and iPads later this year. I don’t want to reveal too much about the gameplay and mechanics at this point.

With over ten million plays on Sonny since its release in 2007, and a whopping twenty four million plays on its sequel Sonny 2 since 2009, its clear that the series is packing some serious fan firepower. Krin: I don’t have anything specific planned, but that’s not to say I’m short on ideas! Krin: For me, the Sonny games have always been about the combat system. After nearly a decade as an indie gaming journalist, Dora brings her passion for games and the people who make them to Armor Games Studios as one of our producers. Other platforms are currently being discussed. For over a decade, the Sonny RPG series has been wildly popular at Armor Games. There two things actually had a massive impact on how I thought about the game. I didn’t like it at first, that I had to put my trust in other people to execute my ideas. But a few new elements will begin to unlock a couple of zones in, which will change the nature of the combat (and boss fights especially) quite significantly.

For nearly a decade, Krin Juangbhanich’s Sonny has been one of Armor Games’ most instantly recogniseable zombie icons as the titular hero in Sonny and Sonny 2, a popular pair of turn-based Flash RPGs.

It gives me a lot of energy and motivation. At the same time, it is also a bit scary and nerve-racking too, especially when I’m working on a sequel.

Essentially, I think the pressure of working on sequels comes from the hunt for this ‘thing.’. All rights reserved.

But in order to maintain a good depth of gameplay, I had to make the combat mechanics a lot more intuitive and creative to compensate. He’s green. At this stage I’m writing down all the things I enjoy from games I play, and all the things I’ve read about. It should be easy to impress everyone then, right?

We'll announce it on Twitter when it's ready. Publisher: Armor Games Studios. Sonnyis the name given to the third entry in the series, created by Krin Juangbhanich and published by Armor Games Studios. Working on a game more or less by yourself for most of your early development must have been a challenge. Overall, I think this is the most exciting part of development! What is your process like when you start to work on a new game? For example, I could no longer use paragraphs of text to explain a complicated skill, so I had to design a skill anyone could understand in 23 lines. Hi there! When Sonny returns from the dead without his memories, he finds himself caught between the conflict of a seemingly endless horde of mutated monstrosities and a mysterious paramilitary force. Barring his Facebook, which I'm not totally sure is him, there's been nothing everywhere else. Simplified other features, and added some new mechanics completely. The game does not directly continue on after Sonny 2, but rather reimagines the entire series with a new storyline and complete ending. The Sonny series is arguably one of the most popular titles on Armor Games. But I think there’s more to it than that. What kind of gameplay I want to express.

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