He runs a real estate company on East Shichifuku Street, which you should head over to. While investigating, first look at all the plated fish on the table and the bowl of ice, then look at the pond close to you. Once the tailing is complete, the hat will get blown off his head just like it always seems to, and you’ll have to chase it down.

Head there to find the girl, who will then head back to the law office with her mother.You’ll next be tasked with doing some investigating into allegations against the mother. Return of the hat. Zak Zodiac Death, The picture he sends is him near a Wild Jackson’s sign, which should lead you over to the one on West Taihei Blvd. “Searching for Missing Nephew” Reckless Aspirations – Requirements: City Reputation Lv. After you go through the marked locations you’ll have a fight at the end against a group.

Partners – Given/Completed at the start of Chapter 6, after you get back from the ADDC Beat him up, then he’ll get taken away by the police and the case will end.Interact with the door of the van and an alarm will go off, you have to pick the lock within two minutes to turn it off. The Black and White Calamity – Found just north of the Senryo Ave. street name, on the South-East side of the map, after The Black Calamity Kindle App For Pc Keeps Crashing,

Reward: 80,000 Yen, 70 SP Return of the Mad Bomber – At the North-East corner of the Millennium Tower building, you’ll find Tsukumo out in public and talking to him will prompt the Side Case Interact with the sign, then you’ll fight a man and enter an investigation section.Back at the law office, you’re tasked with presenting evidence that proves Karin’s feelings about her parents’ divorce. This Side Case involves fighting the hardest enemy in the game, so you want to go in fully prepared.

Motorcycle For Sale By Owner, judgment mari occupation. At this point you need to show him evidence that might implicate him, and to progress you need to have started the Side Case “The Missing Diamond” which you get near the end of the game. Reward: 80,000 Yen, 80 SP “Infidelity Investigation” The Darkest Place – Given to you during the story in Chapter 2, required for story progress and Nakamichi St., starting in Chapter 8 Reward: 15,000 Yen, 150 SP “Background Investigation of My Son’s Wife” The Devil Wife – Requirements: City Reputation Lv. You have to head over to the parked spot in the Hotel District to look for clues. This then prompts you to investigate the kitchen, where you should examine the sink to find a clue about Saori’s milk cartons. Reward: 50,000 Yen, 150 SP Speak to the Manager and he says he thinks he’s seen the cat around Taihei Blvd, and gives you some food to try and bat the cat with.

The suit guys all come back out again and the man offers to double your pay in exchange for the cat, to which you can choose to cooperate or not.

The next day, Mari learned from Macalester that Darhk's powers came from the After Darhk was located at Sky Woods, Mari broke into his compound while Team Arrow took out the Oliver and Mari shakes hands before she returns to Detroit.After William was rescued, Oliver thanked Mari for her help. When you interact with him you have to fight him, so don’t do it if you’re ill prepared. Complete the chase segment to get it back and complete the case. “The Circle of Law” Master and Pupil – Given to you in Chapter 4, required to progress the story He then explains he thinks his girlfriend is cheating on him, and wants you to go confirm.

Go over to it then you’ll speak to a man who wants you to go after his “hat”. Talk to the main on the bench, then speak to the two homeless men standing by the barrel, who ask you to get them two Bento to jog their memory.

Reward: 120 SP. You escape across to the next roof, where you then have to put on a disguise and go speak to Kim to learn some info about what’s going on. Reward: 50,000 Yen, 100 SP None of them are missable and they can all be completed after the main story in Premium Adventure.

After that you can take other requests from Bar Tender. “There’s a Groper on the Loose!” The Twisted Groper – Requirement – Cleared There’s a Panty Thief on the Loose!, Reputation Lv. Talk to them twice, then select “About the Bag Being Yellow”. You’ll then tail her, to where you’ll find out it was a setup all along. You just have to have defeated each of them one time at any point. The riddle answer will be the combination to a safe that has the book manuscript inside. For evidence for select the shoes in the garbage, then the sandals he’s wearing. Yagami points out that a thief would normally try and sell stolen valuables, so head over to Ebisu Pawn to see if the ring is there. The logic for this puzzle is to basically treat the equations like a clock, so anything that goes above 12 rolls back over to 0, and anything that goes below zero rolls back over to 12.
You’ll have to head to the Smile Burger just up the road to go do some detective work. Choose whichever option you want, I opted for no. You’ll get Nanami out of the van, and the Stalker will come back outside and you’ll have to rightfully beat him up.

Reward: 150 SP The Pigeon Takes Flight – Given/completed automatically during Chapter 2, after you meet a man who’s flying a drone around

Ohata still can’t find time to look for his son, so you have to one last time. Select the prt of the map up near Hotel District, as that’s where you just busted the last of the twisted trio. A Judgment guide on The Socialite's Secret side case. After that change into a different outfit in your inventory so that you can get away. Head there and you’ll find a group of guys standing in the main area you can talk to. After you disarm this you are phoned by the bomber, who says you need to find a third bomb before it goes off. 35 At Apple Pie the girls suggest going by Theater Square where you saw the man with the gun earlier. Reward: 50,000~ Yen, 80 SP Description: Take the order and go to the apartment to talk to Hyuga.Then go to the specified location to get a list of posts and messages related to the woman you're looking for.

You’ll then need to head to Theater Square to speak to Sana about what you heard. You’re introduced to them early on in the story and there are a handful you are required to do for main story progression, but most are found around the game world either from one of 3 businesses or by talking to marked people on the map. Head there to find the girl, who will then head back to the law office with her mother.You’ll next be tasked with doing some investigating into allegations against the mother. Lisa Brown Winnie Harlow,

First choice select “Empty Trash Can”, because Mafuyu came after the trash would have been emptied, so if she ate the cake the packaging would still be around. She says she’s in a car trunk and is talking to you off her watch. I opted not too, at which point they will attack you again. “Please Find My Son” Dangerous Hide-and-Seek – Requirement – Reputation Lv. They’ll tell you they saw a group of kids run off with the bag and you have to go find them.  If you’ve completed “There’s a Panty Thief on the Loose!” then met Yosuke to have him as a friend, you can find him in the smoking room of the Kamuro Theater and he’ll tell you he’s seen the culprit at the batting cages. Head downstairs yourself (just ignore that you still look like a hobo) and head in to L’Amant to end the case. Head over to the marked location in front of the Modern Mahjong building, then head up to the fourth floor and examine the sign for the business. The client asks you to find her nephew for her who she hasn’t had contact with for 3 years. Diurnal Pet Snakes. Each of the four people’s shoes, and bags, pants, etc. Speak to the guys who were chasing him, then head over to Charles. In the second image check the door handle, the sealed window, and the sink. You’ll find Amane kneeled over in the road, and she says she tried warning someone about a Calamity then he hit her and ran off toward Showa Street. Examine her short, her hair, and her necklace. Walk near the green power box and look up on the light fixture and you should see the cat on top with an interact prompt. This is largely introducing you to game Dice & Cube and it’s general rules.

You’ll head back inside and automatically be flying the drone, go near the cat again to bait out the other guy’s drone, then use your new upgrade to shoot it down. Basically everything in the Ability category, and all of the avoidance and guarding related skills in the Battle category. After you chase him down you’ll have to beat him up, and this will end both cases, and you get the extra 20,000 the lady promised for finding the missing diamond. A bit of time apparently passes and you need to go check on them at the address of Adachi’s company. Talk to the girl playing guitar The spot is marked at the very Norht-East corner of the map, right above the taxi spot.  When you get over there a bunch of stuff happens, and you’re off chasing the “hat” again. After you beat him up both him and Tokunaga seem convinced Yagami also wears a wig, but the case will end. You return to Amane and complete the case. You find a fortune teller named Amane, who makes some snappy predictions about things to come in your future.

Yagami gives a friend a call who might have spotted him, then after a bit he’ll call you back saying he’s been spotted over on Pink Street, and you’ll have a spot marked on your map now to go to. First image check the two window latches, then the woman’s earring that’s on the floor on the right. Obtained: During the Chapter 4 main story when you enter Bar Tender. None of them are missable and they can all be completed after the main story in Premium Adventure.

Yosuke meets you in the M Side Cafe and tells you about the last of the twisted trio, who has once again messed with his sister. Put on the costume you’re given, then when prompted respond with the catchphrase “Offer unto me your pulsing blood!” When you get stopped by the media just go through all the conversation options, order doesn’t matter as you have to use each one. Reward: 380,000 Yen, 120 SP

© 2008-2020 PowerPyx.com, all rights reserved. This Judgment (Judge Eyes) walkthrough will guide you through all the main choices and investigations of Chapter 4 for 100% completion. You’ll have to get two pictures here, then run upstairs to help Rei. Reward: 50,000~ Yen What you pick as an answer doesn’t matter, you won’t get it right from any of the three options. Her husband will enter the cafe, and you’ll want to move over to the seat at the end of the computer desk to eavesdrop better. 5 This site uses cookies. You can still use shortcut items though, so make sure to bind items to those for the fight. Mari sent the animals to go after Kuasa's followers while she challenged Kuasa. You’ll then start tailing the suspicious person, who is in turn tailing Kojiro. When the case starts you’ll be put right into Investigation mode, where you should spot the cat on the car to your left, then spot the guy in the track suit who will walk across the street and stand behind Yosuke. Reward: 50,000 Yen, 200 SP

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