For forced induction engines and high capacity engines there is an electronic system available that uses a bottle and pump with a small electronic control unit that connects to the LPG injector wiring. They then claim their kits are the best in the world, all because of the good quality Japanese Keihin injectors they use. Blow-backs are caused when the premixed air and fuel in the inlet manifold ignites before it has reached the combustion chamber, this creates a powerful shock wave that can cause severe damage to inlet manifolds, air filter housing and MAF sensors.

The kits are designed to follow the petrol injection system exactly and allow the engine management system to control the gas system. Boot mounted cylinder tanks are also time consuming to fit correctly since mounting them usually requires a cradle or frame that has to be securely fastened to the vehicles structure. Before choosing what repair options are available we need to clarify with the vehicles owner that whatever the original faults or cause of the vehicles DPF failure, these still need to be correctly diagnosed and rectified unless in some cases where certain fault codes may be cancelled out as part of a re-map. Excessive smoke when re-starting may be an indication that active regeneration was taking place when the driver unexpectedly (to the cars’ ECU) switched off the engine leaving unburnt diesel inside the DPF. Dyno-Clean, a strong non flammable DPF carbon cleaning solution is introduced through the running engine and left to soak inside the DPF; this is followed by several hard runs on our rolling road to break down and ignite the soot inside the DPF turning it into carbon dioxide. We will do everything to turn around your vehicle as quickly as possible, but remember – full paying customers come first. It may be that although we’ve successfully cleaned the DPF it is damaged internally due to age and mileage or that someone has previously steam cleaned it and caused irreparable damaged the substrate.

While looking for a software re-mapping and DPF deletion company to partner with, CRD Performance spoke to and checked out many who claimed to be either the best or even cheapest. Where possible, CRD Performance will remove the DPF assembly, empty its contents and seam weld it back together so that it still appears fully intact. They then try to convince every potential customer, on every new enquiry, that their chosen make is the best one to have no matter what their vehicle. Tuning and re-mapping for better performance and economy, using Quantum Tuning, is still a significant part of our business but we’ve definitely seen a change in trend; the emphasis now seems more towards diagnosing faults and recovering or even renewing restricted DPF’s.

Regeneration is the term used to describe cleaning of the DPF.

The vacuum in the inlet manifold pulls the oil through the system and the flow rate is adjusted via a small tap, using the drip-glass to count and regulate the time between drops.

MHH is incompatible with Internet explorer! LPG conversion costs vary greatly due to 3 main governing factors: One factor is the number of cylinders the engine has. With the DPF now removed the engine management system still monitors its DPF pressure and temperature sensors to check they are present and working.

Multipoint systems differ from single point systems as in they introduce the gas into each cylinder individually. The modified file is then installed and the vehicle road tested, a copy of the original file is retained by us and for additional security a copy held in the archives at Evolution Chips. There is an excessive amount of smoke coming from the exhaust when the vehicle is driven hard or when you re-start the engine after switching it off when hot, but re-starting it soon after. The length of time the injectors are open varies typically from 2 to 25 milliseconds (2 to 25 thousandths of a second), depending on fuel demand, and they are opened at the same frequency as the petrol injectors, i.e.

CRD Performance (previously F1 Automotive) have been installing most makes of LPG systems for over 15 years now and honestly believe that considering the development work we’ve been involved in and number of different kit makes we’ve tested, some good, some not so good, then our opinion on choosing the best make of system currently available should carry some credibility. This enables the  fuel mixture to be monitored and controlled, maintaining correct catalytic convertor function, reducing fuel consumption and lowering exhaust emissions. The thinking behind the EGR’s purpose is good, yet the component is problematic in many ways. Active regeneration normally occurs whilst the vehicle is being driven at steady motorway cruising speeds and may last around 30 minutes before the cycle is complete. This process involves using a Main Dealer level diagnostic Scan Tool, connected to the vehicles 16 pin OBD (on board diagnostic) socket, which instructs the vehicle’s engine management system to regenerate the DPF. The long-term effects are important as well: rather than continuing to recycle the exhaust gas through your engine, your diesel engine will perform cleaner and with more power than before. Because we customize and optimize every tune to the customer's truck, each situation is unique and individual.

In this comprehensive video from AUTOiNFORM magazine (a magazine for the professional automotive technician), Frank Massey and Doug Bentley, Head of product development at Klarius, discuss DPF replacement or repair and the importance of using quality parts. There are two types of kit available; the first uses a bottle with a micro filter, tap and drip-glass. Similarly, it connects to the engine cooling system to prevent freezing, but it also serves to maintain and regulate gas pressure. Since the mixer acts as a restriction in the induction system, the maximum air-flow can be reduced, reducing the maximum available engine horse power for both petrol and gas.

Although we cannot guarantee that in all cases the DPF will be close to 100% clean, we do believe it is the best cleaning option currently available and much better than the vehicles own built in regeneration. Some customers, while having their ECUs re-programmed to delete the DPF, take the opportunity to have their engine re-mapped for additional power, better driveability and better fuel economy. Because the gas vapour pressure and temperature alter under normal operating conditions, the kit uses sensors that monitor the changes and adjust the opening times accordingly. During these runs a much greater than normal exhaust gas flow is reached along with much higher DPF core temperatures that could never be achieved during even harsh on the road driving. A new Isuzu DPF cost about $7,000, and this is an unnecessary expense. EGR brushless motor position sensor signal invalid low, EGR brushless motor position sensor signal invalid high, Exhaust gas temperature before DPF too low, Exhaust gas temperature before DPF too high, Exhaust gas temperature before oxidation catalyst too low, Exhaust gas temperature before oxidation catalyst too high, Exhaust gas temperature sensor before oxidation catalyst too high, Exhaust gas temperature sensor before oxidation catalyst too low, Exhaust gas temperature sensor before DPF too high, Exhaust gas temperature sensor before DPF too low, Exhaust injector circuit GND short/open load, Exhaust injector pressure sensor performance high, Exhaust injector pressure sensor performance low, Exhaust injector pressure sensor circuit low voltage, Exhaust injector pressure sensor circuit high voltage, Exhaust gas temperature sensor surveillance, Isuzu NPR, Forward F Series Truck DPF, DPD, EGR, Adblue Delete, Fix, Removal ECU Remap, Civic 9th gen 2011-2015 FB4 FG3 FB2 FG4 FB6, SNOW PERFORMANCE BOOST COOLER - Water/Methanol, Cobb AccessPort V3 for Mazda 3 MPS mk1 & mk2 6 MPS 2.3T, Audi Vw VAG 2.0TFSI Type D Diverter Valve/Dump Valve, Audi RS4 B7 Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve OEM 079130757, VIS Motorsport HPFP internals Stage1 for VAG EA113 Vw Golf mk5 Audi A3 S3 8P 2.0TFSI, Corksport Max Flow Fuel Pump HPFP Internals Mazda 3 6 MPS, Corksport Short Ram Intake Stage 2 Mazda 3 MPS 2.3T mk1, CS VW Audi Skoda Seat 2.0 TFSI High Pressure Fuel Pump Internals HPFP, K03 to K04 Diverter Valve DV Relocation Wiring Harness. We'll give you a boost in torque and improve your fuel economy. This kit is awesome; it allows us to do things we’ve always wished for but not been able to do before. For bookings contact us today on 08 9206 4588. Remove the DPF canister contents and have the vehicles’ ECU re-mapped. The system comprises an LPG fuel tank with an integrated pump, a fuel pressure regulator with a pressure sensor and integral safety valve, liquid gas injectors and an LPG ECU. Ah shit! Better operating efficiency: Engines that have received EGR delete just perform better. The engine management system monitors the DPF’S soot fill percentage  and decides when regeneration is necessary. Until recently, it was normal practice for common rail diesel fuel injection specialists like CRD Performance and even some general repair garages to completely remove these troublesome filters. Sony for example may build the best amplifier, Technics the best Tuner and Mission by far the best speakers. CRD Performance (trading as F1 Automotive) have been carrying out LPG (Autogas) conversions since January 2000 and in this time period (to November 2012) have converted in excess of a thousand petrol engine vehicles. All we ask of you when leaving your vehicle for a low cost budget conversion is please be patient.

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