While appearing in a few other movies that did nothing to further her career, including Fireball 500 (1966), Thunder Alley (1967) and Head (1968), she appeared as a guest on shows and, most famously, became the spokesperson for Skippy Peanut Butter in a host of commercials. By the run-through in 1958 of The Mickey Mouse Club (1955) in which she appeared in her own multi-segmented series entitled "Annette", she had become the most popular Mousketeer of them all and the only one kept under contract by Walt Disney after he canceled the show. During her hospital stays, I slept on the floor next to her bed for so many nights. Her children sometimes appeared on the TV commercials she made for peanut butter. There are not very many men that would do that now days. !Hollywood South ~~~`, Glen Holt as an Annette funcellio fanI know your in heaven with Annette you meet each other again.I'm glad you were there for her and never left her side.You sure we're generous when people needed help when they needed itYou were a good father friend and husband.Good horse owner too I will miss you and herYour Annette funcellio fanHeidi b rourke. She has been fighting multiple sclerosis for quite a few years now. Both are do greatly missed. The last collection of bears was released in 2004. I watched a video on YouTube on how devoted and full of love and kindness and compassion he was too Annette. It has been claimed that she was the first crush for many boys of the baby boomer generation. It was through their mutual interest in horses and horse racing that he first met his wife of over 25 years, beautiful Annette. In 1986 he married Annette Funicello and was a faithful husband and caregiver to her until her passing in 2013.

3, 2018. The show made its TV debut on October 3, 1955, and was, of course, an instant hit. But one thing that hasn’t been taken away is how much she is loved by her husband, friends, and fans alike. “She knew then that it was time to go public with the diagnosis, and the story soon broke nationally in USA Today,” Glen says. Thank you for all of your work on behalf of MS research. He assisted with jogging the horses, helping around the stables and asking a lot of questions in an effort to learn the business.

In October, Funicello's husband, Glen Holt, allowed Canada's CTV W5 News into their home to shed light on the toll that multiple sclerosis had taken on his wife after nearly 25 years. In addition to caring for his wife full time, Glen also oversees the nonprofit Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Diseases, a component fund of the California Community Foundation. The outpouring of love from celebrities, friends, and fans was astonishing. I want her to be able to be outside and feel the sunshine, breathe the air, and see people who still come up to her to say hello.”. “Initially, we didn’t tell anyone except the immediate family and close friends,” Glen continues. May your soul rest easy great uncle Glen. Had two brothers: Michael Funicello and Joey Funicello. Most important, he kept telling himself to stay calm. On his days off from the Shafter Police Department, he would go to the two local racing stables, one owned by Bill Lachenmeier and the other by Joe O'Brien.

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