The unification of Ford Europe's model range had started with the Escort and Capri and was continued (albeit to a lesser degree) with the Taunus and Cortina. Unlike in Britain, Ford Germany saw a niche in the market for a more "sensible" coupé model than the Capri, which also meant that care was taken to retain as much as possible of the sedan's luggage and rear seat accommodations.[1]. The 250 2v Ford cylinder head is the same head as the integrated 250 cylinder head. IN THE early 1960s, British Ford and sports car designer/manufacturer Lotus put their corporate heads together to create the Lotus Cortina. 300 straight 6 with auto tran,power steering.truck will start and run. The Taunus TC also received a new grill, now incorporating a second pair of front lights: rectangular headlights, reflecting contemporary styling trends, but hitherto restricted to the "XL" (and more exalted) trim packages, now became standard across the Taunus range. These post-1980 Argentine Taunus fast-back coupès also featured improved performance and a refashioned interior: they used the name "Taunus SP" or "Taunus SP 5", the "5" referring to the five-speed manual gearbox now available as an option. In September 1970 a new Taunus, the "Taunus Cortina" (TC), was introduced by Ford Germany. Other components were re-sourced locally for reasons of availability, but most components for the Argentinian assembled cars still had to be imported from European Ford plants. Search for new & used Ford Cortina 6 cylinder cars for sale in Australia. In July 1982 European production of the Taunus TC3/Cortina 80 ceased; it was replaced in October by the Ford Sierra. Remanufactured Ford 8 Cylinder Engines. Read Ford Cortina 6 cylinder car reviews and compare Ford Cortina 6 cylinder prices and features at [1], Borg-Warner B35 three-speed automatic transmission, "2.3 - Producción nacional de automotores - Por modelo", Austrian Ford Taunus site (English language), German Ford Taunus-Board (mainly German language, but also English and others),, Articles needing additional references from May 2019, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 4-speed all-synchromesh manual with central floor-mounted lever, 1,480–1,600 kg (3,263–3,527 lb) (laden), This page was last edited on 27 October 2020, at 11:43. It was also the last European car engineered by Harley Coppas Vice Presid… No Taunus TC estates or two-door saloons were produced in South America. Management at Ford of Britain in Dagenham felt that they could not develop a similar small car to the same scale as the production cost would be too high, so instead they set about creating a larger family car which they could sell in large numbers. [17], The range of engine sizes was the same apart from one important addition: buyers could specify an enlarged 1993 cc version of the "Pinto" OHC engine. When, in 1979, the Taunus TC3 (also known as the Taunus series "GBFS") replaced the Taunus TC2 the major components remained basically the same. The car is often nicknamed "Barock 2" (recalling the Taunus P2 series of the late 1950s, commonly known as the "Barock-Taunus") or "Knudsen-Taunus" in Germany, because of the prominent hood/bonnet scoop that, as the legend has it, was put there on direct order from Knudsen. The Taunus TC2 was essentially a "reskin" of the Taunus TC, and was in most markets presented as such. The 2V head gets its name from two venturi stromburg or 2 barrel ww strommie carburettor. FACTORY FORD 6 crossflow ENGINE SPECS. The car was developed under the supervision of Semon E. "Bunkie" Knudsen, till February 1968 a high profile General Motors executive and from early 1968 till Autumn/Fall 1969 Ford's Dearborn-based Chairman. After market Performance companies have produced 4 barrel, triple weber & Dellorto manifolds & triple SU performance manifolds. From a cubic capacity of 144 through to 250 & the big brother in the USA is the 240 & 300 CI big … Ford Cortina 1963 extensively restored This extensively restored 1963 Ford Cortina has the 1,197cc 4-cylinder engine with manual gearbox. The 3.3 litre engine is a naturally aspirated, overhead valve, 6 cylinder unit … Ford Performance Parts M-6007-Z460FFT - Ford Performance Parts 460 C.I.D. At this time lateral stabilizer bars were also fitted front and back which provided a belated answer to widespread criticism of the original car's propensity to wallow when changing direction or driving on irregular road surfaces.[12].

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