0000011848 00000 n 36 Inch Clearance found in: Portrait ANSI Keep 36 Inch Clearance Sign AWEP-33070, Portrait OSHA Keep 36 Inch Clearance Sign ODEP-33070, OSHA Keep 36.. US-made signs and labels If the pressure gauge level is in the green (or the equivalent of high pressure), then the extinguisher is okay.

0000014904 00000 n Each task uses form fields to let the person working through the checklist record information as they go, while following the instructions alongside them to get every check perfect. 0000040418 00000 n

However, to make sure that you’re ready for these yearly maintenance inspections you should perform a basic fire extinguisher inspection every month. Check out this more general Fire Inspection Checklist below: Process Street has hundreds of premade templates like this one that are free to import into your account, such as: To get access to all of these and many, many more (from marketing workflows to daily checklists and employee onboarding) sign up for a free trial of Process Street today. Clearance around extinguishers and medical gas shut-offs Let’s talk about clearance around fire extinguishers, medical gas zone shut-off valves, and the like. Visible from Above - When someone is coming through on a high-low or other vehicle, they will be able to easily see the floor markings. The fire code (NFPA 1 and IFC) and fire sprinkler installation standard (NFPA 13) require these clearances to be maintained at all times. Nevertheless, fire inspectors often find storage rooms and high-piled storage areas where personnel have stacked materials within 18 or 36 inches.

0000003825 00000 n This covers inspecting for damage, previous use (without refilling or recharging), and so on. Fire extinguishers should be inspected by a qualified professional once per year.

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0000014477 00000 n Blocking an extinguisher (like shown in the photo) is both unsafe and a sure way to a $7,000 OSHA violation fine. 0000005377 00000 n

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My friends were smart but, as you might’ve guessed, had no common sense. Is the extinguisher in good physical condition? Noncompatible materials, which may create a fire hazard, shall be segregated by a barrier having a fire resistance of at least 1 hour. When we reached Foundation House, we found all of the students and teachers standing outside while the fire brigade trailed in. Fire extinguisher inspection: Operating instructions 0000002597 00000 n The type you require will largely depend on the potential fire causes in your location. 0000020416 00000 n (Source, image used under license CC BY 2.0). However, doing so not only risks endangering your property in the event of a fire which you can’t control due to faulty equipment, it puts anyone in that location at severe risk in the same situation. In other words, when performing a fire extinguisher inspection all items should feel as full as the day they were installed. Please, try again later. The pressure is, thankfully, easier to inspect than how full your tanks are. 0000033190 00000 n Be a responsible leader.

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Portable fire extinguishers, rated not less than 2A, shall be placed so that maximum travel distance to the nearest unit shall not exceed 100 feet. 7. The official inspections approve the extinguisher for a year, so why should I inspect and replace them myself too?”. So if your local or state authorities have adopted NFPA 10, then you must follow these requirements.

Otherwise, it needs to be sent to an official service to be refilled (much like when they are used). The main areas that an inspection covers are: Quick reminder; if you want to get straight in and start inspecting your own extinguishers, check out our free Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist! Do we have to inspect and service the fire extinguishers every year? �f�'�0�0d�2�l�|5^2$0�0T5̛ \����k���x7�؄A��cC��}��)��WX��&0�30�P�����p���!^�q ��5� �_��PBO������@\ ��l�oif�o@����������nS�v�v��m x`� endstream endobj 381 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[30 279]/Length 31/Size 309/Type/XRef/W[1 1 1]>>stream ;��(��@IVv�X��͙v*�@H�b�mr���t��r.�Ʒ�޳�X^�V�U����mr���8g�Grn�n. Clearance shall be maintained around lights and heating units to prevent ignition of combustible materials. If both are in place, you’re looking good.

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However, as I mentioned earlier, there’s nothing stopping you from performing your own inspections every month to keep track of your safety equipment.

Internal combustion engine powered equipment shall be so located that the exhausts are well away from combustible materials. While this, again, comes down to common sense and knowing what to see, it’s nonetheless vital to make sure that the extinguisher will work when it needs to and not explode when it shouldn’t. 0000040584 00000 n No combustible material shall be stored outdoors within 10 feet of a building or structure. It’s not just extinguisher inspections you can do with Process Street.

0000007232 00000 n 0000007657 00000 n Stable piling shall be maintained at all times.

To prove this point, we here at Process Street made this free Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist to accompany this post.

Material shall be piled to minimize the spread of fire internally and to permit convenient access for firefighting. or less be installed such that the top of the unit is not more than five feet above the floor.

While it’s not an exact science, the easiest way to see if a fire extinguisher is full is to lift it and see how heavy it feels. 0000109813 00000 n If the extinguisher needs replacing, the manager will instantly know about it. The final step of most fire extinguisher inspections is to check over the physical condition of the unit.

; Durable - Floor marking signs, including those for fire extinguishers, are made to be very durable, even in high traffic areas.

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(Source, U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. 2009-06-21 11:36:28 2009-06-21 11:36:28. %PDF-1.4 %���� en-Gauge's technology can instantly send an alert to the building’s fire, security control panel or listed building monitoring system.

0000006901 00000 n 0000017064 00000 n And many employers have questions about those fire extinguishers. This should make it easy to spot and access, so long as this zone is kept free of clutter. Are safety seals and/or tamper indicators in place and functional? The key concept that comes into play during survey is whether access to the equipment is obstructed. H��Vmo�6��_q-`��N(

When the exhausts are piped to outside the building under construction, a clearance of at least 6 inches shall be maintained between such piping and combustible material. The OSHA standard requires that fire extinguishers be accessible. ���yMܤV��0��i��Ė����H��� ���{�yx�yzZ�v�{7�8�� ���?�Cph���"7����(�e��P�wz��p��+�Q�BD݇ Il��R:���� #$U�������6� However, a rough rule of thumb is that one type 13A extinguisher can safely cover a 200m squared floor area. The topic also provides you with several OSHA Letters of Interpretation - including one dated 03/15/1995, in which OSHA addresses labeling of fire extinguishers. 0000007331 00000 n

This should make it easy to spot and access, so long as this zone is kept free of clutter. An extinguisher that’s been used can be refilled, but one that’s been damaged is no longer safe to do so. Aluminum AED (With Down Arrow) sign with white background projects down from drop / suspended ceilings for easy viewing from either side. hbspt.cta.load(3951034, 'e84dcc94-6e63-48f1-b2ac-0381ec9f447a', {}); Keeping Plant Workers Safe with Technology, 5 Simple Steps to Maximize Safety at Your Plant, The Cost Effective Benefits of a High Performance Kidney Loop System, How to Cost Justify a Lubrication Program, Use Lubricant Zone Inspections for Early Problem Detection.

Is the extinguisher full?

What is the required clearance in front of fire extinguishers?

If you start to see wear and tear on a unit, you can order a replacement before it comes to the official inspection. After all, it’s no good expanding and improving your business if you don’t combine that with the appropriate safety measures. Another friend of mine (also in secondary school) did just that and set it off, getting himself and every other kid in our class covered. Made of .040-inch aluminum with a strontium oxide aluminate glow layer and printing on both sides for visibility in low light.

58 0 obj <> endobj As stated previously, this should be true no matter whether the unit has been used before. In any case, no matter where you are in your facility, you should be no further than 30m from an extinguisher.

These monthly inspections can be performed by anyone – they don’t need training or any prior experience. There’s not much else to be said here (if the instructions aren’t clear or visible, move or install a new set to rectify this), so let’s move on. 0000000016 00000 n Temporary buildings, when located within another building or structure, shall be of either noncombustible construction or of combustible construction having a fire resistance of not less than 1 hour.

Stored pressure extinguishers do not require an internal examination.

Neither OSHA nor NFPA have a definitive area that must remain clear in front of fire extinguishers. 0000047155 00000 n Any of these questions sound familiar? 0000009778 00000 n 0000111620 00000 n 0000002424 00000 n 0000011385 00000 n 1910.157(e)(1) that "The employer shall be responsible for the inspection, maintenance, and testing of all portable fire extinguishers in the workplace." Again, we don’t want the tank blowing up. The employer shall record the annual maintenance date and retain this record for one year after the last entry or the life of the shell, whichever is less.". 0000030538 00000 n

�d�%B OSHA fines are per violation, and in this case, it means per fire extinguisher! h�b````�b`c`�W� ̀ �@1v�k'700�W` ,�����GCq�Ey1��F�#R* ����k��*=ue[��Y�z�t�kB fRRR6v �老�8� (��:\�$ d`�x H��XD�rF!� *�"��4�2p-`La�n`h`�cb��`�e�8���p�Ar��\�

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