Perhaps not a great choice for the absolute beginner, but the RC-30 has just about everything you will ever need. This will be impacted to some degree by whether you're using a stereo pedal and a stereo amp setup, but a little experimentation should be able to sort this for you relatively quickly. For outputs, you get 1/8 inch headphone jack, 1/4 inch mono and 1/4 inch stereo outs. The Ditto X4 gives you a second playable loop and seven effects, as well as the ability to import pre-recorded loops. Find more MXR Clone Looper information and reviews here. Ditto X4’s sync mode lets me run two separate loops simultaneously.

Ditto X4 vs EHX 22500 So, my basic Ditto died a few months back, and I think I'm ready to replace it.

You can control the output of the rhythm section, turn it on and off, and set the time with the tap tempo. There’s a Record Select to choose between the guitar input or the mic/aux. Find more Digitech JMSXT JamMan Solo XT Stereo Looper information and reviews here. It still has memory for both footswitches so if there is the rare occasion I need to keep something I just keep it in the memory bank and return to it when I next plug in. This Pigtronix unit appears, at first glance, to be a familiar two-loop layout pedal. Powered by.

Find more Pigtronix SPL Infinity Looper information and reviews here.

They also tend to come in larger enclosures, so you have to have the space for them. Given the immense arsenal of tones and backing tracks, this looper is aimed more at creation than live performance. For controls, you get a stacked Loop/Rhythm level, Phrase selectors, Save/Delete, Rhythm, Tap Tempo, and Stop Modes.

You can also plug that Tap Tempo switch into the CTR jack to change between Normal, Double, 1/2, and Reverse modes, as well as silently clear the loop. It depends on which model you opt for, but there are usually two main styles: 1. The real key to this pedal is Series mode, which lets you switch between the two loops of a preset automatically, as in going between verses and choruses. Just as with any other effect, there is most certainly a looper to match your style of musician. You can also run this off of a battery, for some reason.

Long winded post, but really curious because I'm thinking of making the move from the RC-30 to the X4 and I want to know what other people do about the lack of memory space. This unit is not only stereo, it includes an XLR mic input with phantom power. It’s a bit cursed by the standard EHX pedal size, though. The Ditto family of loopers is a great tool for someone wanting to keep things simple, just plug and play. Once you make a lop you like, you just connect the pedal to your computer via USB, and drag the loop file to your computer. Find more Boss RC-30 Phrase Looper information and reviews here. That alone is pretty damn neat, but the really cool thing is that the two loops aren’t tied to each-other’s lengths. Doesn't see that anyone's actually answered the question yet-so I have good news for you.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. Still, it’s only a little more expensive than the Ditto and I think the operation is more intuitive. Each track has its own volume, as well as a lighted Select button. I know the pedal takes time to get used to, but it seems the X4 is a lot more seamless switching between tracks, given that it has 2 dedicated switches.

This one is for making noise. This is the second-generation of Donner’s tiny looping pedal and it adds a few new features. The LED of the Effect button changes to indicate which bank the selector knob on the left is choosing. Do you put something together that you enjoy and then lay it down on some software so that you can go forward with something new on the pedal? Years later, I saw Zoe Keating do the same thing. This little guy gives you two loops of 90 seconds, which can be effected with effects from three banks, Pedal, Mod/Delay, and Simulation. I use this on my own board, and this is the one that stayed on the longest, after one dead Ditto and a temporary detour with an extremely dreadful dirt-cheap Chinese knock-off. That said, they also tend to be much more powerful devices. There’s an expression pedal input that can be set to control various parameters, as well as a MIDI in. I honestly rarely use the dittox4 memory slots. The audio itself is exceptionally high quality with an 88.2kHz sample rate, to top it all off. There’s a Safe switch in case you’ve created a loop so amazing it can’t be easily repeated. The switch at the top allows you to choose between Normal playback, or effect your loop by switching to 1/2 Speed or Reverse. The Tap allows you to tap in your tempo, which will cause the unit to quantize the playing loop.

Finally, when using a mic, there’s a dedicated input level. The LED blinks once at the end of the loop, and you’ll have to get pretty good at hitting both knobs at once when you’re done recording so that the loop begins right away. Ultimately, these pedals will probably not stand the test of time, but if you want to get looping now, it’s certainly cheap enough. Find more Vox VLL1 Lil Looper Multi-Effect Pedal information and reviews here. Every guitarist should have one as they are not only powerful tools on stage – a loop pedal can drive a spark of creativity and help with songwriting, too.

At its heart, it’s a simple six-minute looper with unlimited overdubs and mono operation. First is the Ditto X2, which adds stereo and reverse and half-speed effects. For inputs, there is a 1/4 inch instrument, 1/4 inch aux, XLR mic with trim knob, and 1/8 inch aux.

At its heart, it is a loop pedal like the rest of them on this list, however, the feature set is far more advanced, allowing for the application of effects to a recorded loop as it plays, which can then be removed, if desired.

To me the Ditto is simple, and as I'm pretty simple, it works for me. As with Boss, TC have a few other options for you to consider. If you want the ability to change effects as a loop plays back, you might want it to be the first pedal in the chain.

Perhaps the one relatively minor drawback is that it requires 18V power, and so will need special attention on your board. Knobs include Amp Models, Drive, Bass, Mid, Trebel, Chorus/Flanger/Phaser/Tremolo selector, Delay/Tape Echo/Sweep Echo selector, Reverb, and Channel Volume. The guitar loop pedal allows the guitarist to accompany themselves, build complex arrangements, harmonize in one-guitar bands, develop lush atmosphere like a delay pedal and, perhaps above all, practice. The two footswitches control recording and playback, as well as Loop FX, which has a Type selector and a separate On/Off switch. As a word of caution, the relatively massive 150 mA current draw should really be run on its own power, even if you have a high-quality power supply. These are kind of rare, but you might be able to turn up a used one on Reverb with a little digging. We also got USB loop transfer and the ability to … Below discover the best guitar loop pedals on the market to help enhance your playing.

For those out there who have the Ditto X4, or have experience with it, what is your take on the fact that the pedal only comes with 2 memory slots? This small but mighty looper offers controls for the volume of each loop, and footswitches that allow you to control when you start or stop each loop. Find more TC Electronic Ditto Looper information and reviews here. Thanks in advance. It’s an incredibly detailed, incredibly powerful machine that focuses on live playing by introducing series or parallel loop interactions. The Express XT is much more compact, yet still offers 24-bit audio with full stereo ins and outs. Series mode allows for automatic loop switching, Safe switch allows you to preserve one perfect loop, Ability to save and import loops from a computer, Tap tempo allows you to change loop tempo without key change, 99 storage slots for loops for a total of three hours, Pretty large, especially compared to more modern loopers, Some find the footswitches hard to accurately press, Computer storage capability? Line 6 cannot help themselves from shoving their amp models into every product. If this is your first foray into looper pedals, you could do a lot worse than this ultra-cheap offering from Donner. As an Amazon Associate, earns from qualifying purchases. : Yes, via SD card, 90 second loops are awfully short these days, No ability to back loops up to a computer, Number of loops: 2 with unlimited overdubs, Six hours of loop time and 99 stored loops, Some units have a flaw with the pre-programmed drum patterns, Will almost certainly not last a very long time, One of the endless Chinese copycat pedals. The place for all things related to guitar pedals. These change the warped nature of the 20-second, single-loop playback, including getting some Leslie cabinet sounds out of the higher speeds and depths. There are three Stop Modes: Normal, Play to Measure End, and 10 second Fade Out. Pedal includes drive type effects with Crunch, Overdrive, Compression, and Distortion. As time of this writing, the immensely complicated, but incredibly nuanced Blooper is available to preorder. This is made up for with an input for a momentary pedal that will let you Undo your last overdub, as well as an Aux Out so you can send a signal either to front of house or to your drummer’s monitors. Controls include Volume, Tone, Record level, Depth, and Speed. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the guitarpedals community. There’s also the EHX RC-30 rival in the massively cool-looking 22500 Dual Stereo Looper. : Yes, double speed, half speed, and reverse, Saves all loops to an SD card - expansion potential, Loop time: Varies (uses SD card for storage; online sources say 8GB grants up to 2 hours of recording time), Starting to show its age compared to more modern offerings, Computer storage capability?

It’s a beast of a machine aimed at professional-level looping. How does that work with the X4? I’ve had some issues with noise on this which are rectified by moving it to its own power.

Personally I'm not bothered by lack of memory on the Ditto x4 as I usually just wipe them clean when I'm finished messing about anyway (also I'm too lazy to keep connecting it to my computer whenever I want to save something). Mod/Delay has Phaser, Stutter, Chorus, and Delay, while Simulation offers Bass, Radio, Acoustic, and Pitch.

The original JamMan was designed to compete with the Boss of a similar layout, but had one key advantage in that it had expandable memory. This one seems a bit more geared toward performance than storage or practice and creation. 2. For the guitarist who loves complicated arrangements, harmonies, and doing more with less, discover the best guitar loop pedals to maximize your playing. That should be more than enough for most people, especially in live settings, when you know what your setlist will be each night.

Find more Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper information and reviews here. Do you utilize the loop often in your songwriting and live, or more of a development tool?

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