4. Don’t make it boring. They were originally bred to protect sheep and not attack sheep, other livestock, or people. However, because the German Shepherd is a large breed dog that can continue to grow and mature for up to 36 months, care must be taken not to allow too-vigorous exercise in puppyhood. Certainly a rabies shot is essential, but regions might vary in what is also a common health problem.That he is adapting well to your other animals is a very good sign, probably a combination of nature/nurture. Maybe one parent was a shepherd yellow lab or retriever. Has a den in the back yard. Good arrival though! Almost got us kicked out if class because they do not tolerate eye contact between dogs. A bored German Shepherd is very likely to become a destructive dog. Your blog reminds me of how smart they are. Let me know if you would like his photos to appear on the Coydog community page, and if so, include a brief blurb about him (your choice whether to include any contact info).Best,John. This makes their hind ends appear in a permanent crouch, with their spines sloped down to the tail.

Anything German Shepherd Team. He has never ever attacked anyone, but I will tell you, when someone who is "off" approached my children, he would push the girls back and show his coyote size canines! The boarding kennel has a lot of problems with him an they feel that he's a coyote. thnaks. Coydogs vary in look, depending upon the breed of their parent dog. These are the 18 most interesting Australian Shepherd mixed breeds listed in no particular order. He is a rescue and had a rough couple of months. For example, if a male coyote comes into contact with a large female domestic dog that is in heat and there are no other female coyotes around for the male to mate with, or if a large male domestic dog comes into contact with a lone female coyote, it is genetically and theoretically possible for them to produce a litter of puppies. You may see the following health issues happening to them: In this disease, the joints become stiff, causing pain. Any dog, including GSDs, tend to lift their tails when they trot or walk. Hunger has made them very bold in our parts. Even a pet dog can cause considerable harm to you if it is scared enough. Well, I picked out my puppy when he was just under 6 weeks old from a backyard breeder whose dog had gotten pregnant from a MIA dog. A coyote German shepherd mix will most likely weigh between 30 and 70 pounds, but this will depend to a great degree on the size, height, and weight of each canine parent. Now after you know the big differences between German Shepherds and Coyotes, do you want to know about the coyote german shepherd mix.

You can expect an adult coyote German shepherd dog hybrid to need at least weekly brushing and the occasional bath to stay healthy. But as these babies grow up and mature sexually, they are likely to revert to their wild ways and may even be a danger to their human carers and domestic animal species. I have been training dogs for over 20 years, and my husband is training our female Mal as his service animal, so we are extremely experienced dogs owners. Thanks for your blog post! ", D.Jay the Coydog (coyote / Heeler hybrid) at about 6 months old, Sacchetto the Coydog (domestic dog / coyote hybrid) was found abandoned and left to die in a plastic bag when she was only 2 months old. Well, luckily, they do. Reading this has me reminiscing about my coydog who died years ago. Thanks, Hi,If dna studies have been done on wild coyotes where he comes from, then yes. She goes from normal play to rough play quickly but seems to respond to "ouch. They said he is over a year, but he seems like he just got kicked outta his dog family in November bf they picked him up.

We have a big yard and he doesn't jump the fence- we keep a good eye on him cause I know he could! Since any breed of dog can be its parent – of course not small breeds like Pomsky – coydogs appearance varies. ", Aiko the Coydog (Coyote / German Shepherd Dog mix) at 7 years old, "We first found Axle in South Dakota out on a reservation. He is now with my aunt as he is getting older and cannot keep up with my active lifestyle. Coydogs usually have very piercing eyes. My email is brey@salud.unm.edu and I would love if you could email me and maybe I can tell you about Cassius and what we have done and what we still struggle with. I have had some training difficulties with my dog and his "unique" behavior. Your email address will not be published. She is as sweet as can be. Thank you Hari, from myself and from everyone else who has contributed with their own experiences. My compliments for your patience. The Urban Coyote Research Project cites these particular health issues that coyotes are known to develop: As with many large dog breeds, the German Shepherd has a shorter overall life expectancy than their smaller breed peers. I rescued a pup 5 years ago that was found on the side of the road of an Indian reservation. The Coydog is not a purebred dog. Drive north from Bellingham on 539 which will become Hwy 13 after you cross the Canadian border. He is very friendly and loyal to our family. Coyote scat is usually thinner (usually less than one inch in diameter) and smaller than a GSDs. Both sexes range in height from 21 to 26 inches at the shoulder.

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