I have one names is chungus but I just call her rat,ratty,or the little baby . Fly strike can be prevented by observing good hutch hygiene and by using a damp cloth to clean any soiled areas of fur that your bunnies can’t reach. If you provide your Californian bunnies with an outside run where they can play on warm, sunny days, there is a chance that they could pick up ticks, fleas or worms. Be sure to keep your bunny in a large, well-maintained cage, and feed him a healthy diet that’s full of fiber. You will need to take your bunny to the vet regularly for teeth and nail trims. If you notice maggots around your Californian rabbit’s anus, you must seek veterinary attention right away.

In addition, female Californian rabbits can run a high risk of developing uterine (womb) cancer, so having your does neutered is a sensible move. Affected animals will often crouch miserably, seemingly unaware of their surroundings.

Provide your pets with plenty of opportunity to exercise and be sure not to overfeed them with treats! Our guide to the Californian rabbit answers all these questions and includes many interesting Californian rabbit facts too! However, it was not until 1939 that the ARBA were awarded a working Standard of Perfection. 2009-05-06 16:12:12 2009-05-06 16:12:12.

However, no matter how pampered they are, all pets can get sick sometimes! Responsible breeders will be committed to maintaining recognized breed standards and raising Californian rabbits that are healthy and well-socialized. On purebred Californian rabbits, the markings on the bunny’s nose continue on below the jaw line and upwards to the eyes.

Californian rabbits are also very popular as pets and show rabbits, where they are classed as a “fancy” breed, largely thanks to their lustrous, silky-soft coat and distinctive coloration. The result was a large, well-fleshed rabbit with almost pure white fur.

The points on the legs run upwards towards the rabbit’s body, sometimes making it appear as though the bunny is wearing stockings! When your bunnies eat the grass, they ingest the worm eggs and infestation can result.

Myxomatosis is a potentially fatal disease of rabbits that is spread by fleas and mosquitoes and through contact with other infected rabbits. Their offspring was then crossed with New Zealand rabbits. Rabbits’ teeth grow throughout their lives. The larvae feed on the rabbit’s flesh, causing pain and resulting in toxic shock to your poor bunny.

The Californian rabbit is easy to spot in a crowd, thanks to the breed’s size and signature coloration.

The result was a large, well-fleshed rabbit with almost pure white fur. To accomplish this, he relied on his experience as a pre-veterinarian, as well as his genetic training and knowledge. Check out the House Rabbit Society’s website for a list of areas in the US where myxomatosis is reportedly present. If deprived of the company of their own species, they can become depressed and withdrawn. Symptoms are usually very quick to appear and include: It is not uncommon for rabbits to die within 48 hours of contracting the disease, sometimes without showing any symptoms at all. It is always advisable to buy a purebred Californian rabbit from a registered breeder.

Just like people, rabbits can become obese if they eat too much and exercise too little. While we watch CNN and Fox News, wild rabbits roam free in the California wilderness. However, Californians with narrow midsection or hindquarters, or a pinched muzzle should be avoided as being picked for showing.

Californian rabbits were developed by George West, of Southern California, in the 1920’s. Squeaks and Nibbles is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk, Squeaks and Nibbles is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

Californian rabbits were bred to be healthy and robust. California Rabbits and Rabbit as Pests There are eight species of rabbits in California; Common in southern California are the Desert Cottontail, the Jackrabbit (also known as the Black-tailed hare), and the Brush Rabbit.The Jackrabbit is as large as a cat, weighing 3 to 7 pounds, with a … Rabbits are unable to vomit, so the fur they ingest while grooming tends to form dry hairballs in their intestines. Signup for our newsletter and we will keep you updated with tips, news and more!

I doubt he’s pure but he surely looks like he’s Californian and something else causing long fur around his ears. for details.

When i let him out into his playpen in the morning he tosses his head and binkies and it reminds me of a little kid jumping around going “Yayyy!” Best breed ever, please don’t raise them to eat! What Do Wild Rabbits Eat?

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Californians are a commercial type of domesticated commercial breed, mostly used for meat production. Sorting Facts From Fiction, Albino Rabbit – Unveiling The Secrets Of The Completely White Bunny. They are large and held erect, rather like those of their relatives, Flemish giant rabbits. We are in Australia where we have vaccines for 2 of the 4 viruses that the government releases to control wild rabbit population!

You can prevent parasite problems by keeping your rabbits’ housing clean and by providing them with good quality hay bought from a reputable supplier. Sweet, gentle, curious and totally comfortable with our cats, dog and another rescued rabbit.

Keep your Californian bunnies indoors or in sheltered, heated quarters to keep them cozy, especially in winter! Consequently, they don’t thrive if kept in cooler temperatures. He began by crossed Standard Chinchilla’s with Himilayan’s. One trick that breeders living in warm climates do is to keep their Californian herd in chilled or air conditioned areas. A Californian rabbit’s weight can reach an average of between 7 lbs. Early signs of myxomatosis include discharge, crusting and inflammation around the eyes, followed by blindness. Information on purchasing licenses, permits, tags and other entitlements, can be found on CDFW’s Online License Site.

As they were originally bred to provide meat, baby Californian rabbits grow rapidly and tend to lay down plenty of “coverage,” which can easily lead to them becoming overweight.

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