For the next few driving cycles, your BMW will be monitoring your driving patterns; do not drive aggressively. If the check engine light is on, make sure to scan the codes from the ECU so that you can get a better idea of why the transmission shuddering is happening.

Next I'll try resetting the Transmission and check fluid levels again just for good measure.
There are numerous things that can cause a fault of this nature. Vehicle mode receiver DKG/EGS transmitter DSC/DME, 4F8F - EGS: Ratio monitoring, gearshift 3-2, 27EB No message (EGS 2) from electronic transfer mission control (EGS) unit, 27EC No message (EGS 1) from electronic transmission control (EGS) unit, 299A CAN fault management, electronic transmission control (EGS), cf17 - Calibration between ISTA/D and ISTA/P missing, 507B or 507C - Parking gear sensor implausible signal, 507D - Parking gear incorrectly disengaged, 4f89 - ratio monitoring gearshift incorrect, 4f8d - Ratio monitoring, gearshift 5-4 – plau sibility, 4f8a - RATIO MONITORING.GEAR SHIFT 4-5 GEAR, 5088 - Sensors, transmission switch L1-L4. Adaptive pressure control system An adaptive pressure control system improves the smoothness of the gear shift while driving. I have 5hp19 trans, I have a proble with my BMW 525i 2008 model just change the gearbox and and filter but the it still does not change gears and still has the transmission fault mesaage on the screen, will a bmw 328i 2000 auto transmission fit a bmw 330i 2003 please, Hi i am new to the bmw world and recently purchased an 06 automatic 330xi. Hadn’t special coding/programming tools like CGDI BMW programmer? It seems to have an issue a higher rpm shifting to the next gear. This is often because the torque converter locks up, is wearing out, and not locking the torque converters.

If you have noticed that your BMW has erratic shifts or is not responding properly to the gas pedal, the problem may be incorrect shift points. Does the transmission need to be programmed or recoded. My battery light does come on every time I hit the Has But then goes a way when i let up....Has this happened to anyone else? Recognition of winter conditions If even with a slight acceleration the driving wheels slip, a winter gearshift program is called up. Electronic Transmission Control Module with an insignificant level of speed, resumption calculation for maximum tractive effort, acceleration processes calculation for maximum tractive effort, deceleration process evasion from switching to higher gear to achieve optimal deceleration parameters deceleration process evasion from switching to higher gear to achieve optimal deceleration parameters. Safety functions If, in verifying the signals for plausibility, and wiring connections — for absence of short-circuits or breaks, the computer recognizes the presence of a malfunction, it logs messages about it in the fault memory. The first thing to check is that the base engine can be rotated by hand at the damper using ratchet and socket.

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