Of course, chefs are also professional experts on what tastes good, so cost is also a good indicator of the perceived quality of the species. Life under the sea is as fast as anyone wants to take their imagination and several species exist within the waters that most of us have no clue about. Yum! @B707 - One of my favorite Dungeness crab dishes is crab dip. From our fishermen to your door, we monitor every step of the process so you can order with confidence that you will get the freshest, highest quality seafood from Alaska. Fifty percent of the populations of these crabs are not overfished, but many populations are recovering from earlier decades in which king crab fishing was not well regulated. Marine Area 4 east of the Bonilla-Tatoosh line and marine areas 5-13: Marine areas 1-3 and Marine Area 4 west of the Bonilla-Tatoosh line: For up-to-date information on crab areas in Washington, visit our crab seasons and areas page. According to some sources, the regular crabs in the bairdi family are twice as big and have double the meat when compared with the snow crabs. The result is a versatile crab that cooks up quickly and is available year-round. However they’re also the species of choice for an American seafood delicacy – the soft shell crab. Such crabs consist of some of the most famous ones that are not only used for eating and hunting purposes but for selling at a good price. Boy, were these fresh crabs ever tasty and nutritious. ... Southern Tanner crab, or Bairdi, is weightier, with a bit more meat inside. Does anyone have a favorite crab dish? “backfin” crab meat. The size of bairdi crabs usually ranges from 5 feet to 8 feet whereas the size of opilio crab ranges from 4 feet to 7 feet. Until recently they were relatively unknown in restaurants, but they’re fast becoming popular in the fine-dining scene because of their meat’s clean, sweet flavor, delicate texture, and pinkish color. They have thinner, smaller legs than King and Snow crabs. Such crabs consist of some of the most famous ones that are not only used for eating and hunting purposes but for selling at a good price. Females have a wide abdominal flap on the underside where males have a noticeably narrower abdominal flap. Snow Crab: Chionoecetes (Redirected from Snow crab) is a genus of crabs that live in the northern Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. They are believed to have evolved from hermit crabs. Thanks. Very informative, Hollie. They are smaller in sizes when listed with others in their family and have meat that is half the size of the bairdi crab but get considered as delicious among people who like to try seafood. That said, body meat is still very, very tasty, and can be cheaper. The regular crabs in the bairdi family are twice as big and have double the meat when compared with the snow crabs. Bairdi Snow Crab Legs. Can you tell me the other differences between the two. Bairdi Crab gets defined as a Chionoecetes bairdi that is a species of crab known alternatively as Tanner crab. The worst part was the cleaning and taking out the meat. Jonah crabs are a larger but less sweet alternative to that new chef favorite, the Peekytoe crab.
They are excellent source of high-quality protein, and is low in fat and calories. Though, fair warning—they do tend to sell out fast.

Away from the coast they’re commonly found as frozen crab meat. Do not have a proper cycle, for some years the production increases at a high level but at other times it becomes less for few years. In winter seasons they go deeper into the sea, so people mostly wait for the summer months for catching them. They have an extended age range than the others in the family and have a span of 11 years on average. The difference between Dungeness crab and Alaskan king crab is probably bigger than you think. Crab endorsement & catch cards – All sport crabbers, regardless of age, who fish for Dungeness crab in Puget Sound must get a crab endorsement with their license and carry and complete catch record cards to account for all Dungeness crab they catch. Jumbo lump crab meat represents the largest intact body meat pieces while lump crab meat represents a moderate portion of body meat plus some meat from the claws. This crab ranges from Alaskan waters (Amchitka and the Pribilof Islands) through Oregon (Winchester Bay). My family used to go down to the Washington Coast. The crabs are caught with traps, and fishers return all females and immature males caught to the wild population.

Sold fresh and pre-cooked, these claws offer sweet, succulent meat in a visually impressive package (their shells are beautiful yellow-pink with striking dark black tips). The shell (carapace) width in this species can reach up to 7.8 inches, although in Washington waters most are 5.4 inches or less.

Unfortunately is also has the lower supply. They are both decapod crustaceans - a group that also contains lobsters, crayfish, and shrimp - and they are both found in Alaskan waters, but their similarities end there. Because of this, the more work you’re willing to do at home, the cheaper the price. Only 10% of king crabs sold in the United States come from Alaska, but buying imported king crab is not an environmentally sound choice. They were also free. The Atlantic and Pacific hold two remarkably similar crab species: the Jonah crab and Dungeness crab.

I love crab meat melts and crabcakes. In addition to her role as a wiseGEEK editor, Niki enjoys educating herself about interesting Hope that helps! What Are the Best Tips for Steaming Lobster. Lovely pics!

They have five pairs of legs with the first pair equipped with pincers. 1. Bairdi Crab gets defined as a Chionoecetes bairdi that is a species of crab known alternatively as Tanner crab. They’re commonly sold with part of the shell already removed, making it easy to pick out the tasty nugget of crabmeat inside. There is a reason why top chefs use King Crab from Alaska in their menus, and it’s because of the rich, tender taste, the elegance of the legs and claws, and daring looks of the crab's shell-making it known that it is truly the “King of Alaska.” You'll truly understand when you hold one of our jumbo split king crab legs in your hands. Not only is Dungeness available almost all year long, it’s also the most versatile crab, commonly used in salads and numerous seasonings, there is bound to be a combination that suits your needs. Their legs are thinner and less impressive than king crabs’. Product photo courtesy of Alaska Seafood.

Snow crab legs are commonly sold as clusters – groups of legs attached to a portion of the body (which also contains tasty body meat). Crab though is one species that we eat in our diet and has important variations that exist. Among people who love seafood, these are the best one in the market and available throughout the year. Demand Dictates Price Crab is a big restaurant seller. A Dungeness crab may reach eight to ten inches (20-25 cm) in length and may be caught in many areas along the coast from Alaska to Northern Mexico. Thus, the more desirable a crab species is to the restaurant industry, the higher the price is going to be. Pre-picked crab meat is incredibly convenient, but is generally more expensive. Amazon Doesn't Want You to Know About This Plugin. On the other hand, Opilio crab will get generally called Chionoecetes Opilio or Snow Crab. They are believed to have evolved from hermit crabs. Dungeness Crabs: Dungeness crabs are a West Coast favorite known for their tasty, very sweet meat.

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