[24] Early investors included Boston real estate mogul Mortimer Zuckerman and Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots football team. Established in October 1996, Bain Capital Public Equity's primary objective is to invest in securities of publicly traded companies that offer opportunities to realize substantial long-term capital appreciation. [127] In 2010, the company acquired Styron, a division of The Dow Chemical Company, for $1.6 billion,[128] and also acquired Gymboree for $1.8 billion. [81][83] He did stay in regular contact with his partners, and traveled to meet with them several times, signing corporate and legal documents and paying attention to his own interests within the firm and to his departure negotiations. Mr. Lyons joined Bain Capital Credit in 2006. [14][15] In November 1993, he took a leave of absence for his unsuccessful 1994 run for the U.S. Senate seat from Massachusetts; he returned the day after the election in November 1994. [144][145][146] In March 2018, Bain Capital Private Equity purchased a 20% stake in Tower Ltd from Australian financial conglomerate Suncorp. Bain Capital Credit (www.baincapitalcredit.com), founded as Sankaty Advisors in 1998, invests up and down the capital structure and across the spectrum of credit strategies, including leveraged loans, high-yield bonds, distressed debt, private lending, structured products, non-performing loans and equities. [35][87][88] Romney's leave of absence and the level of activity he had within the firm during the 1999-2002 period also garnered attention.[89][90][91][92][93][94]. [42] Ampad's revenue began to decline in 1997 and the company laid off employees and closed production facilities to maintain profitability. Bain Capital (stylized as BainCapital) is an American private investment firm based in Boston, Massachusetts.It specializes in private equity, venture capital, credit, public equity, impact investing, life sciences, and real estate.Bain Capital invests across a range of industry sectors and geographic regions. Ms. Zhen joined Bain Capital Credit in 2001. ", 1994 run for the U.S. Senate seat from Massachusetts, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, "Bain Capital will move to Hancock Tower", "Bill Bain Speaks: 'The Unfair Attacks Are Not Worth Responding To, "Bain Capital Rebrands Credit Affiliate, Public Equity Unit", "Why is Mitt Romney's time at Bain Capital such a target? [168] In 2015, Bain Capital hired Deval Patrick, former Massachusetts Governor, to lead the new business division. [19] At the beginning, the firm had fewer than ten employees. Bain Capital Investor Portal Please log in to access your account information. [22][30] Existing CEOs were offered large equity stakes in the process, owing to Bain Capital's belief in the emerging agency theory that CEOs should be bound to maximizing shareholder value rather than other goals. 10/05/2020 | 06:12am EDT *: *: * Fitch Ratings has affirmed the class A-1A and A-1B notes (class A-1 notes) in BCC Middle Market CLO 2018-1, LLC (BCC 2018-1) and revised the Outlook to Negative from Stable. Bain Capital Investor Portal Please log in to access your account information. [23] By the end of 1990, Bain had raised $175 million of capital and financed 35 companies with combined revenues of $3.5 billion. It was later surpassed by the buyouts of EQ Office and TXU. [107][108], Bain led a consortium, together with The Carlyle Group and Thomas H. Lee Partners to acquire Dunkin' Brands. Bain Capital, LP is one of the world’s leading private multi … © 2012-2020 Bain Capital, LP. [55] Another study that looked at the eight-year period following 77 deals during the same time found that in 17 cases the company went bankrupt or out of business, and in 6 cases Bain Capital lost all its investment. [164], Originally founded as Sankaty Advisors,[163] Bain Capital Credit is the fixed income affiliate of Bain Capital, a manager of high yield debt securities. In 1994, Bain, together with Goldman Sachs Capital Partners completed a carveout acquisition of Dade International,[67] the medical diagnostics division of Baxter International in a $440 million acquisition. [75][76] Those were handled by a management committee, consisting of five of the fourteen remaining active partners with the firm. [35], Bain invested the $37 million of capital in its first fund in twenty companies and by 1989 was generating an annualized return in excess of 50 percent. [122][123], In July 2008, Bain Capital Private Equity, together with NBC Universal and Blackstone Group agreed to purchase The Weather Channel from Landmark Communications. We will also draw on the broader capabilities within Bain Capital Credit's platform of investment professionals around the world. From January 1991 to December 1992,[30][57] Romney served as the CEO of Bain & Company where he led the successful turnaround of the consulting firm (he remained managing general partner of Bain Capital during this time). With offices on four continents, our global team aligns our interests with those of our investors for lasting impact. ", "Romney Seeks Obama Apology for Bain Attacks", "Mitt Romney's Own 2002 Testimony Undermines Bain Departure Claim", Group to Buy Controlling Interest in Datek Online for $700 Million, Bain Capital Buys Toys Unit of Consolidated Stores, Bain Capital Buys Stake In Huntsman, Chemical Company, Huntsman, Bain Capital dealing: Huntsman offering $600 million equity stake to venture firm, U.S. Investors Agree to Buy Burger King From Diageo for $2.26 Billion, A Lower Price Is Said to Revive Burger King Sale, Vivendi Finishes Sale of Houghton Mifflin To Investors, Three Firms Are Said to Buy Toys 'R' Us for $6 Billion, Deal Mania: Shades of the '80s: The leveraged buyout is back in vogue, Capital Firms Agree to Buy SunGard Data in Cash Deal. She is a Director in the Liquid and Structured Credit team based in Bain Capital Credit’s Boston office. He serves as the Portfolio Manager for the Bain Capital Special Situations Asia Fund. [34] Bain Capital eventually reaped a nearly sevenfold return on its investment, and Romney sat on the Staples board of directors for over a decade. [20][21][22][23] Bain partners put in $12 million of their own money and sourced the rest from wealthy individuals. [74], Romney was not involved in day-to-day operations of the firm after starting the Olympics position. [123][143], In February 2018, Bain Capital Private Equity agreed to acquire Dutch stroller brand Bugaboo International. At the time of its bankruptcy it reported $553.9 million in debts against $395.2 in assets. [38], Beginning in 1989, the firm, which began as a venture capital source investing in start-up companies, adjusted its strategy to focus on leveraged buyouts and growth capital investments in more mature companies. [22] They also included members of elite Salvadoran families who fled the country's civil war. [69] In 1999, the company reported $1.3 billion of revenue and completed a $1.25 billion leveraged recapitalization that resulted in a payout to shareholders. [46], In 1994, Bain acquired Totes, a producer of umbrellas and overshoes. The private equity firms paid $2.425 billion in cash for the parent company of Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin-Robbins in December 2005. Mr. Lyons joined Bain Capital Credit in 2006. KB Toys, which had been financially troubled since the 1990s as a result of increased pressure from national discount chains such as Walmart and Target, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in January 2004. [149] In October 2020, it was reported that the company was negotiating a takeover of UK-based insurance company Liverpool Victoria (LV=). [132] Later that year, the company acquired hand and power tool company Apex Tool Group for roughly $1.6 billion. He serves as the Portfolio Manager for the Bain Capital Special Situations Asia Fund. [179], Bain Capital's approach of applying consulting expertise to the companies it invested in became widely copied within the private equity industry. [142] Later that year, Bain partnered with Cinven to take German company Stada Arzneimittel private. [101] The Bain consortium had support from Burger King's franchisees, who controlled approximately 92% of Burger King restaurants at the time of the transaction. At the time of its announcement, the HCA buyout was the first of several to set new records for the largest buyout, eclipsing the 1989 buyout of RJR Nabisco. [35] A few years later, Bain Capital made an investment in the technology research outfit the Gartner Group, which ended up returning a 16-fold gain. workers say nothing resolved", "Strike-bound factory tied to Romney during US Senate race is set to close", Mitt Romney-Led Bain Funded Steel Dynamics' Success, "Bain Capital tied to bankruptcy, closing of KC steel plant", "Romney's Bain made millions as S.C. steelmaker went bankrupt", "Missouri Valley Special Collections : Item Viewer", "Special report: Romney's steel skeleton in the Bain closet", fundinguniverse.com Dade Behring company history, Aventis May Sell Controlling Stake in Dade Behring, "Mitt Romney and his departure from Bain", "Mitt Romney and backers use 'day-to-day' to reshape questions about Bain", "Mitt Romney stayed at Bain 3 years longer than he stated", "Former Bain Capital partner says Romney was 'legally' CEO of Bain Capital until 2002", "Fact Check: Romney Met Bain Partners After Exit", "John King: Why is 1999 so important in 2012? [113] In January 2006, Bain announced the acquisition of Burlington Coat Factory, a discount retailer operating 367 department stores in 42 states, in a $2 billion buyout transaction. [171], Bain Capital Life Sciences invests in companies that focus on medical innovation and serve patients with unmet medical needs. The Wall Street Journal, December 1, 1988, "Venture-Capital Funds Grow Larger and Larger - But Start-Up Companies Find They're Still Left Out in the Cold".

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