As is the case with the majority of Grom alternatives available, there is one primary driver behind the cheaper price tag: (1) no electronic fuel injection. Designed in Italy and manufactured in China, the Benelli is the only Honda Grom clone that features electronic fuel injection. Your email address will not be published. Usually retailing around $1,500 (that’s shipped with a warranty, by the way), this is certainly one of the more affordable Grom clone options out there. No License Required to ride in USA. Frame Steel, Metallic Black, Metallic Gray, Metallic Red, Metallic White. 99, 2020 Venom x22R | 250cc Motorcycle | Street Legal, Regular price 99, 2020 Venom x22-GT | 125cc Ninja Motorcycle | Street Legal, Regular price All rights reserved. Fuerza 125 (PMZ125-1) The suspension setup consists of inverted forks on the front end and a single rear shock absorber out back. In my honest opinion, the SSR Razkull 125 is an excellent looking and performing Honda Grom clone out there today. $1,899 The best thing about the Vader is that after paying a fraction of the cost of a new Grom to get it shipped to your door , you can spend all the money you saved on mods! The front end has a nice factory rake to it that we absolutely love. Honestly, I don’t know that I’ve seen any of their machines priced above $2,000 anywhere on the market. Similar to the other clones, you can expect north of 100 miles per gallon for fuel efficiency. Of course there are! Many of these bikes have plenty of character of their own. Read the specs and they’re similar to most of the others. Ditch the factory front sprocket for a 17-tooth version. 99, 1-855-984-1612 or email, ©Venom Motorsports Inc / Click Here to Finance, FREE Door Step Delivery On Every Purchase, Monday - Friday 9am-7pm EST. $1,899 |, a fraction of the cost of a new Grom to get it shipped to your door. NO TAX FOR ALL US CUSTOMERS CALIFORNIA STREET LEGAL! a Maximum Power 6.3/7500kw/r/min TAOTAO VIP-50 GAS AUTOMATIC SCOOTER MOPED ELECTRIC WITH KEYS, KICK START BACK UP SCOOTER Sale Price: $766.49 . Given that pricing, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better Honda Grom clone to ride around Full Send style! Boom 2000w 72v electric street bike for sale, BD576Z electric scooter Shop for Boom Electric Grom BD578Z Electric Motorcycle from #1 E-Bike Dealer in USA! $1,799 Net weight comes in at 242 pounds, and the Lifan is both EPA and DOT approved in the United States. This article includes links which we may receive compensation for if you click, at no cost to you. 99 (Black), SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike Gas Power 2-Stroke 50cc Motorcycle Holeshot Off Road Motorcycle Holeshot Pit Bike, Pull Start, Yellow. 99, 2020 Venom KP-Mini | 150cc Motorcycle | Street Legal, Regular price Just take a look at a few of these custom Grom clones we’ve come across. But to make it simple, we’ve compiled a side-by-side comparison chart below. Lifan crammed a solid air-cooled 150cc engine in a Grom sized package and brought a top contender to market with this one. Feel free to read on to our reviews on a few of our favorites in the table below. Not everyone wants – or is willing to shell out thousands of dollars to send it on today’s modern monkey bikes. 99 Many riders report a top speed out of the box of over 70 mph. The Grom will always have my heart, but if I had to choose a favorite Grom alternative – just one – it would likely be Benelli’s TNT 135. It’s similar in size to the Grom and comes standard with a very slick style and a great looking lower engine cowl. 99, 2020 Venom x21RS | 125cc Motorcycle | Street Legal [PRE-ORDER], 2020 Venom x18 | 50cc Automatic Motorcycle | Street Legal [PRE-ORDER], Regular price Similar to the Grom and Z125, the Razkull’s engine is mated to a manual 4-speed transmission. The rear end is clean, with no bulky plastic to get rid of. Weight Capacity 198.4 lbs Be the first to review “IceBear PMZ125- 1 125cc Fuerza Motorcycle – Grom Clone” Cancel reply. You can usually find it online for around $1,100. Office – (888) 791-8149 For New Orders You May also Call or Text 24/7 Day or Night – 317-445-1623 Maximum Torque 8.8/5500N.m./rpm Rather than the slightly fatter 130/70-12 out back that we’re used to, it runs a 120 series tire at both ends. Syx Moto: The $300 50cc pit bike you gotta have. With a few cheap and easy modifications, you can take your new bike from an economical China-scooter, to a pretty darn good-looking (and running!) Length 73.200000 99, Venom X-Pect Lifan 200cc Dual Sport | LF200GY-4 | Street Legal, Regular price Copyright © by JFH Solutions. The Vader 2 comes with a 4-stroke 125cc engine that puts out just over 8 hp. Gross Weight 242.5 lbs Net Weight 176.3 lbs Vitacci New Bahama MVP 49cc Scooter (10" Tire) 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, Air-Forced Cool 99 125cc, Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, 4 speeds Manual, Front/Rear Disc Brakes, Front/Rear 12″ Aluminum Wheels, Engine Type single cylinder, 4 stroke Width 27.900000 It is advertised to produce a little over 8 horsepower. Get your free... Lots of power in a little package. X-PRO 125cc Vader Adult Motorcycle Gas Motorcycle Dirt Motorcycle Street Bike,Big 12" Wheels! As is the case with anything on wheels, someone will figure out a way to modify it. IceBear PMZ125- 1 125cc Fuerza Motorcycle - Grom Clone FREE SHIPPING!. With such an impressive powerplant, the Benelli delivers over 11 horsepower and can easily reach speeds of 70 mph or more in factory trim. Compression Ratio 9.0:1 99, 2020 Venom x21 | 50cc Automatic Motorcycle | Street Legal [PRE-ORDER], 2020 Venom KPM200 | 200cc Fuel-Injected Motorcycle | 6-Speed, Regular price Electric grom for sale online. It rocks twelve inch wheels and the same factory tire sizes at the front and rear as the Grom, and has a decent disc brake setup to bring all this speed to a stop. Ignition CDI Other great Lifan features include electric start, front and rear disc brakes, and a fan-assisted air cooling system. $2,699 The Grom will always have my heart, but if I had to choose a favorite Grom alternative – just one – it would likely be Benelli’s TNT 135. Simply connect the mirrors, Battery, handlebars, and you're ready to ride. 99 $1,999 99 Height 41.300000 Designed in Italy and manufactured in China, the Benelli is the only Honda Grom clone that features electronic fuel injection. It has everything you would expect from a quality clone: the air-cooled 125cc engine breathes through a carburetor and shifts manually through four gears. $2,899 99 PLEASE NOTE: Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic, Home Delivery Times May Be Longer Than Usual | 1 Year Warranty Included On All Purchases | Free Door Step Delivery , 2020 Venom Ghost | 250cc Chopper | Street Legal, Regular price

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